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Member Commentary Week-Tuesday

On this Tuesday, CAUS continues with its week of member commentary: ET...What is You?:

1) Tom Christoffel ( writes:

The dialogue with R.T. frames the issues we face. Those tracking spiritual messages expect benevolence from higher evolved beings. It does not seem to happen in many cases of reported contact. Is it a matter of plane truth? All a question of which plane of a universe of multidimensional reality an individual may be dealing with? I don't know.

Ken Carey's work, including "Return of the Bird Tribes," implies that our destiny is to take human biology to find and seed galactic planets in situations like ours. "No biological species has before looked up of its own and taken charge of itself as an independent, spiritual being. Nowhere else in this galaxy has the maintenance of this precise temperature zone resulted in a biological network of intelligent, global-species circuitry, simultaneously both spirit and matter. Never before did the biological creature choose of itself, did the clay speak to us and say, "I am a woman. I am a man. I am a tribe, a nation, teach me." p. 194-195

As a race, our only problem is infection with a "warrior consciousness" which population growth will force out of the system, making cooperation the primary tool - now 80% to 90% of all actions. I think competition will be put into its proper perspective as the "creative tension" between sustainable systems. Competition is win-win testing, not life or death. The creative tension/resistance strengthens. That is how the last become first - and then the reversal begins with the formerly first, now being last reenergized to remain sustainable through time. Our own history shows many civilizations have not been able to do this.

What about hostile grays? The message through Carey: "The potential of this universe is limitless. Her revelations of potential are infinite beyond number. But there are no star wars or advanced and fearsome civilizations beyond your own; because if civilizations are fearsome, they do not advance beyond your own. They become extinct, to rise up in the soils of another world, a little wiser, until they learn," p. 134 The messages in Ken Carey's books presume a loving spirit based universe about 12 billion years old in this iteration.

Moving from Shakespeare's "All the world is a stage," we are now perhaps 6.5 billion characters in search of an author who self-organize for the next act.

There is another perspective of how our entry into intergalactic society will occur and what we need. It is presented as "The Greater Community Teaching" found at

2) writes:

R.T., I read with interest your initial viewpoint about alien abductions, then your abrupt reversal once you yourself were faced with it. I'm deeply sorry you yourself underwent such a horrible experience, but am glad that at least it gave you a better perspective on the situation.

I would simply like to offer you an alternative possibility as to what may be going on, just a theory--

Is it possible, even remotely, that our own government is behind it all? Whether it is our government or actually aliens performing these heinous crimes, I believe we have the right to know the truth. The more I study the UFO and related phenomenon, I find I keep coming up with the same questions. What would aliens have to gain, compared to what would our own government have to gain?

Aliens, should they exist and be the perpetrators, obviously have technology that is advanced enough to have eliminated the human race ages ago. I do suspect that there is at least some alien influence involved in our human history, which has been and is being researched in great detail. If they've been involved with us for so long, why? My first reaction would be to wonder if we humans weren't some sort of "experiment"! (Maybe one that has not gone as planned, and perhaps they are even trying to figure out where their equations went so wrong!) If we are an experiment, then they would not view us as intelligent life forms deserving of respect, not on their level at any rate. They may be so far advanced that they've moved beyond emotional reasoning to a purely intellectual view of the universe, becoming disassociated with it in some ways. Certainly, I don't excuse what they've done in any way. I'm just seeking to understand in some way these events and make some sense of them.

Alternatively, what if it is our very own government? If it is, what would they have to gain? Quite a few things, as a matter of fact. Technically, biological warfare research was banned some time ago. Having been involved in drug research myself, I have a firsthand understanding that no treatment can be truly deemed effective for humans until it has undergone human trials, in order to determine any side-affects, the proper "dosage," and to document both the short-term and long-term affects of said treatment.

Understanding that, is it not at least possible that our own fellow citizens, yourself included, are being used as guinea pigs by subversive elements of our own government? Many, many studies have shown just how responsive the human mind is to suggestion. Wouldn't an implantation of a possibly false memory of being abducted by aliens, subjected to horrible procedures, and being violated in ways that touch all of our deepest fears, be the PERFECT cover story to avoid the truth being known?

Please know that I am not in any way stating that alien abductions are not real. I'm merely suggesting another possible explanation. And to me, if it is our government behind it, then there is no hesitation on my part in demanding justice for the victims. If aliens actually are behind it all, then I honestly don't know what we can do to stop the cruelty. But if it is our government, then I sincerely hope people will be open enough to face the possibility and do something about it.

I would like to suggest a possible way to determine the truth one way or another. It will take a long time and a lot of patience and perseverance, but perhaps there is a chance it could work. I would suggest that some alien abductees volunteer to be monitored, followed, and filmed over an extended period of time, to see if we can catch them in the act, whoever is performing these acts. It will take some serious and caring volunteers to do this, and to try and prevent discovery by those we don't want to know what is going on, it would have to be set up very privately, not using phones, Internet, or other traceable means.

Maybe that sounds crazy, but to me it's no crazier than the violations being perpetrated on my fellow citizens! I for one want the ones responsible caught in the act, and forced somehow to be accountable for what they've done.

3) Lindy Baumann ( writes:

Reading a wide variety of PCEs, especially in book form, either about first hand personal experiences are about investigations into personal experiences by others leads me to these preliminary personal conclusions (which are definitely subject to change based on more and better current information):

1) We have been visited by extraterrestrial for thousands of years.
2) The ETs now want us to know they are making these visits and are making themselves known by direct contact.
3) We are being contacted by many different species of ETs from many places in the galaxy/universe, and possibly from many dimensions.
4) We don't know all of the reasons they are visiting us, although we may know a few of the reasons.
5) ETs can make themselves visible to us at will.
6) ETs can make us see them in any form they like (as gray's, as "Nordics" as humanlike or as just another human).
7) Our military has not duplicated the ETs" vehicles or methods of propulsion* and probably won't for hundreds of years (unless the ETs decide to reveal it to us).

4) Janet Russell ( writes:

We have no control over our Abductions. They come when they want to. They do certain experiments on us without our OK. A lot of us get through it, grant you at times. We feel that they are giving us Knowledge in time for their experiments with us, our children, our grandchildren. I am meeting more and more people that have felt that something has happened to them and yes many are aware of what has happened, be it good or horrible. We try and GET AS MUCH TRUTH as we can in the experiences that we share. To let people know that we understand what others have endured and will still endure. To me the MAJOR Stepping Stone in this whole Phenomenon is to have the Government admit that YES there are BEINGS from other places, be it other planets, universes, or dimensions. Till that takes place it will always be a Mystery (Sad to say) and many people will feel that they don't belong and will seek emotional help and be ostracized by people and the like. Do we ostracize our pets? Never, we love them and get along with them, and they understand what we feel, just as some of the beings may. Grant you I don't approve of what they DO, since I, my children and my grandchildren are all abductees. But wouldn't life be more secure and balanced, If we were TOLD THE TRUTH? Well, Peter KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK beCAUS, We need more people like you That are DEDICATED to GETTING the TRUTH out there.

5) Carl B. Strandberg ( writes:

This has been the most ridiculous argument I have heard in a long time. Point number one (1) RT's argument boils down to "The end justifies the means." Mankind has opposed his philosophy for centuries. THE END NEVER JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. Hitler had great intentions in purifying the Aryan Race of the cancer and plague of Judaism. A nations battle tanks have rolled against political dissidents i.e. Tienaman Square, Hungary, Czechoslovakia. Iraq, US Military vs Native Americans and Waco in our own time. Advance flying machines with aliens is no different The end justifies the means. The only good ??? whatever is a dead ??? whatever. There is a great battle raging in the cosmos between the forces of good and evil. The end will always justify the means for the evil ones and here misguided minions of followers, fellow travelers et. all.

6) Edward W. Burke ( writes:

R.T.'s first premise-- Humans are evil and destroying the earth. The science is still out on this. I fear that we are making lots of decisions now on flimsy evidence. As for depletion of resources, over population, one of the best solutions to this would be to get off planet. I don't see ET's helping with this. They have occasionally destroyed space mission.

Second premise-- ET's are here to save the planet. How? What are they doing that's so wonderful? Based on their spacecraft propulsion systems they could solve our energy & green house problems. I don't see any help coming.

I think Dr. Jacob's may be on the right track. The Grays intend to move in & take over. Maybe very quietly and carefully, but they seem to have no interest in human society or culture. The only interest they have really shown is in human families.

OK..that's enough for today. But tomorrow is another day...with some more CAUStic commentary.



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