Friend or Foe?

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CSETI and Dr. Steven Greer seem to live in some kind of "dream state" with their unshaken belief in a benevolent alien presence. The cattle "mutilation" syndrome seems to be directly related to the UFO and alien presence. What does Greer think of the cattle mutilation problem?

Well, first of all, he does not even refer to it as cattle mutilation. Cattle mutilations have been going on for decades. That in itself is not quite a "friendly gesture." Yes, I know we slaughter cattle to eat, but then again we are not a super technological and spiritual race of beings like Greer's alien benefactors supposedly are.

The Disclosure Project was a good idea with good intentions on the part of Dr. Steven Greer....but, "banning all space weapons"? And the technology we recieved from our space brothers was not without a price tag...abduction. In the 1960's another horror story crept into or out of the UFO community. It was human mutilations. The same type of mutilations of cattle were reportedly found on human corpses. But nobody wanted to deal with this terrible subject matter. It was quickly reduced to "disinformation" or material spawned out of sensationalism.

In 1988 a story was out based on a secret report relating to the death of an Air Force Seargent, J.P.Loulette who was abducted at the White Sands missle test range in March of 1976. His body was found 3 days later in the middle of the desert terribly mutilated (in the same way as cattle) and his entire body was drained of blood.

William "Bill" English was a member of special forces and a captain in the Green Beret in Laos 1969-1971 when he and his ten man team were sent in to investigate the crash of a B-52 Bomber. Before the bomber went down communications were received..."under attack by a UFO"..., ..."a large light".... Bill and his team found the B-52 sitting in the jungle "intact".

There was no indication of a crash landing. Even though the entire bomber was intact, the crew was found dead. Not just dead, but still sitting in their safety harnesses and mutilated. They were mutilated in the same way as Sgt. Loulette and other human beings yet to be found to this day.

There are many other mutilation cases on file from different parts of the world. All the mutilations are similar, all organs removed with precise surgery and blood drained.                                                                                              

A police officer by the name of Don Ecker of Idaho told an audience of over 400 top UFO investigators at a 1989 conference, that he had personally investigated human mutilations in his state. When he attempted to access information of similar cases which may have been filed in the Justice Department computer, he was told that the files concerning these human mutilation cases were "classified." He was warned to cease all attempts to request such data in the future.

The UFO community is divided when it comes to the intentions of the aliens. There are those, like Steven Greer, who see these extraterrestrials as advanced beings bearing gifts and there are those who do not, and see these beings as malevolent intruders with an unknown agenda.

There is ample enough evidence to suggest that there is a danger present. At least enough evidence to encourage cautiousness when dealing with extraterrestrials. I do not advocate all out hostility towards all extraterrestrials, but we need to keep an open mind and a cautious approach to any race of beings. And we need to stay unified in the UFO community, no matter what our differences may be.  And, No, Dr. Steven Greer, we do not need to stop building a defense system.

Abduction, cattle and human mutilations are crimes, plain and simple, and they are NOT indicative of a benevolent alien race. Let's keep our heads out of the dirt and our eyes to the sky.

Dr. Greer responds:

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 I will respond for Dr. Greer, as his assistant (one of them - volunteer)
Information that we have about the cattle mutilations and abductions is that many or most of them are done by covert operations groups - humans.  However, this will be proven through witness testimony in congressional hearings, hopefully.
All the information we have about ET involvement is that they are not hostile.  There are misinterpretations related to some contact experiences and their interfering with our weapons systems, but so far we have no reason to believe that the are other than neutral to friendly.  We are open to other possibilities, but we certainly don't believe it to be wise to engage in any wars with them.




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