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You cannot assume that if ETs are visiting us, that all ETs must have evil intentions. Clearly, if all of us were to to accept without question, the philosophy that 99% of all ETs visiting us are pure evil, that would sabotage whatever hope we could have had of making friends with the remaining 1% -- and we need all the friends we can get in this universe!

Certainly, in our culture at least, an incident similiar to the one where you could witness some foreigners landing on American soil, really could possibly mean hostile intentions, but I wouldn't assume that about any ETs for a very good reason...using logical deductions based on known facts, it would appear that a more advanced sentient being would be safer to approach than a less advanced sentient being, ie -- objectively observing *known* facts on this planet about sentient beings vs non-sentient beings, the thing I notice that sets the sentient lifeforms from the non-sentient lifeforms the most, is their sense of morality, something the non-sentient lifeforms cannot conceive or demonstrate. Therefore, I would logically expect a more advanced sentient lifeform to have a more advanced sense of morality and that means they wouldn't go around mass murdering humans or being hostile for no reason at all as humans are very prone to do. Maybe what you are really doing is projecting your own potential for evil and fear of others unlike yourself, onto everybody else in the universe, instead of trying to see the ETs for what they really might be, and thereby you would not be fairly giving all the ETs in the universe, the benefit of a doubt -- something all of us deserve at one time or another, wouldn't you agree?

Of the literally millions of ET/UFO stories, including abductions, the vast majority display neutral or non-antagonistic intentions. Just start by taking a casual look through the trend expressed within Project Blue Book and you will see what I mean. There appears to be a small percentage at either end of the range of possible behaviors that falls under the label of evil or good, just like if you were to randomly sample the world's population you would find that there appears to be a small percentage at either end of the range of possible behaviors that falls under the label of evil or good. So are we really all that different from the alleged ETs? I should think not considering all the facts. What you are leaving out of your assumptions are that the aliens might be non-human and therefore have a non-human psychology and therefore we cannot assume that since humans like war and death, therefore so will everyone else in the universe like war and death.

So your post only appears to be a good example of picking and choosing facts at will to support a conclusion, rather than gathering and presenting all the data and letting the data speak for itself. By picking and choosing facts at will, it is possible to support almost any conclusion you wish to support, as evidenced by the book, WE COME AS FRIENDS by Peter Michaels ( -- a book which factually supports a conclusion completely opposite to your's and by using the same exact kind of methodology as you have demonstrated. As the scientific method has taught us, no hypothesis can hold it's ground in the face of one blatent contradictory fact -- and there are several facts to contradict your hypothesis (as elaborated within in the book I cited), therefore your hypothesis cannot be true and must be discarded for another more reasonable hypothesis that does fit the facts more closely.


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