So...What if There are UFOs?

By Blue Alien (

The Roswell UFO/Alien recovery was the event that has changed or help change the world as we know it forever. Someone said to me, so maybe there are UFOs and even an alien presence, what has that got to do with me?

The alien presence has advanced our technology to a degree which we may never be "permitted" to know. Philip Corso had a good handle on reverse engineering from extraterrestrials...and now he is deceased. Lear and Lazar have given us what information they had. They were ridiculed and made fools of. So was William Cooper and Whitley Strieber, Strieber even gets death threats. Peter Gersten and CAUS took the DoD to Court. Art Bell is still talking. Why? What if they are right? Or even partially right? Something definitely has been and is going on and deep down many of us know this or at least suspect it.

The alien presence affects us collectively and individually, yet we still allow this government to continue its policy of deceit, lies and murder. What can we do? We have one of the greatest tools in our hands...the Internet. It has brought us together. It is the information highway. Not everything is true, of course, but we are making headway...and "they" know it. If there are no UFOs or alien presence, then why all the fuss. Why are certain words "flagged"? National Security? National Security, my butt; but it sure is one hell of a good escape clause. Agencies have been created and still are being created to deal with UFOs and an alien presence that does "not exist." Millions of dollars are spent for this nonexistent issue. Is there something wrong here, or is it just me?

Ask yourself why we use rocket boosters and fuels to power our space shuttle and the jets that fill our skies, when craft have been seen and videotaped at Area 51 that move at unbelievable speeds and maneuver at incredible degrees, which indicates they use an advanced power source. A source we have NO access to, benefits of or even knowledge of.

Does the alien presence and the reverse engineering from this presence affect us? Think about it when you fill up your gas tank at a buck seventy-five a gallon, when you turn on your computer or have the "luck" of being chosen for abduction. There are some who do profit and receive the benefits of these gifts. They are the traitors of all Americans and the human race. They line their pockets and reap their rewards of this technology while the rest of us live shackled in chains of conspiracy and lies.

Keep your eyes to the sky



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