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I have been a recipient of your CAUS newsletter for some time now and have very much enjoyed reading and for the most part have agreed with your commentaries. And so now comes your "OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE: A Practical Impossibility."  I think you've done an excellent job of synthesizing the issue and have pretty much hit the nail on the head.  In this vain I thought you might be interested in a few other thoughts that may stimulate you to further evolve your thinking on this matter.

First: We would NOT be much better off if the government actually disclosed this reality. Yes, we would all have the great pleasure of saying "I told you so" to all our busy, constrained, doubting, unimaginative friends and associates.  But then I'm afraid we would be facing the "first day of the rest of the trouble," namely the government would still tightly control what we could know and when we could know it. And we would rapidly move onto this barrier as the new focus of all our frustrations.

Second: Having worked in and around the government for about 40 years, I come away with the realization that it has no intellectual advantage over the rest of us. And that in fact if we could unify ourselves as people of like interest we could have even greater effectiveness and an even greater understanding of this Phenomena than our government has.

Having said that "unifying ourselves," forgetting the government entirely might prove to be the most daunting challenge of all and likely would prove to be undoable. The alternative to unification may be a Dream Team approach? And I think better an "Open Source" Linux like approach rather than a "Privately Funded" Microsoft like one.  Most all the great discoveries and advancements have come about either by Dream Teams or individuals. And usually they were initiated at least without private or public funding.  Once money is introduced into the equation a form of controlling power emerges that takes precedence over intellect and compelling logic.

Lastly: At some point it may very well serve the purposes of this Phenomena to directly disclose to us their existence and intentions thereby doing an end run around all governments and corporate power groups. History may in fact demonstrate that such end runs have already taken place. Provocative spiritual events and personalities which have almost universally ignored or been at odds with the governments of their times have many times in the past contributed to our growth as evolving residents of the Cosmos.

An extremely interesting phenomena that I have been observing since about 1975  has been the symbolic mental cueing  or  "inner call" of these rather enigmatic patterns of numbers: 1111 .. 111 .. and . 777. This cueing or calling has happened and is happening to some interesting people around the world and its happening like it did to Richard Dreyfus from the movie "Close Encounters" as his preoccupation with the shape of Devils Tower in everything around him including his mashed potatoes.

As a researcher and scientist its interesting to note that the likelihood of even small numbers of people focusing on such patterns is much akin to winning the lottery each time there is a match of an affected person.  Because in fact there are an almost infinite number of candidate objects and concepts in this world to be affected by or should I say afflicted by, and why have so many now focused on these most obscure patterns?  

Ask anyone who understands higher mathematics and you will find that this cueing phenomena should be a completely stochastic process and that the probabilities of it occurring to groups of people approach infinity. And if that isn't unlikely enough yet, ask what the probability is that any two of us on earth would ever meet each other or communicate about it now that should be next to impossible but yet it is happening repeatedly and with increased frequency!

So while the seeing of these patterns in clocks, odometers, addresses, and receipts seems at first only a bizarre psychological concern, you would find it interesting to learn who it is that has been afflicted with this preoccupation.  I have spoken to some of them first hand and they represent some of the finest minds on the planet. And in some cases represent great personal wealth.

I suppose that's enough for now except to say that what is truly at stake here is the understanding of our place in the Cosmos. I think that is why we are driven and that is why I think money cannot be an issue. That is why some individuals perhaps like yourself have pursued this knowledge in lieu of personal wealth and security.



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