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Member Commentary--Friedman; Alexander; Elisberg & more

On this Saturday, CAUS shares with you several member comments on a variety of subjects:

1) Stan Friedman ( in reference to Scott Elisberg's comments about Bob Lazar, writes:

There is nothing in this news that lends any credence to Bob Lazar's claims. Stability to us physicists means around long enough for measurements to be made. It is a relative term. A half life of a thousandth of a second is certainly a lot longer than a half life of a millionth of a second. One cannot collect 500 pounds as Lazar claims was the case of something with a half life measured in seconds or days no less fractions of a second. Note this that 3 atoms were created...too small a number by 10 to the 24th power. I don't deny that high atomic number elements can be created. The question is whether this has anything to do with a useful propulsion system. The answer is no. It is exciting to me as a nuclear physicist, but not as a ufologist

2) John Alexander ( in reference to J.N.'s report last week, writes:

The report by JN is quite interesting. I think it speaks to the mythology that has been built up about reporting UFOs. Here is a person who has some small relationship with a government organization that clearly has nothing to do with the subject. Yet this individual doesn't want to be identified due to the remote possibility of some unspecified (and illegal) retribution from an unknown source.

Yet, we expect "little old ladies" to turn in drug dealers in their communities-and they have done so at great personal risk of physical harm or death. In one case the risk is real and people do take action. The other is pretty much a myth and yet becomes paralyzing. I think things in this field are way out of balance.

3) Patti Jeane Spencer ( in reference to CAUS' intention of deposing Davenport and Greer, writes:

I've read all your stuff recently, weighed out the facts, thought about my own personal desire and sincere need for closure on my incident, and I'll have to say, more power to you if you can do it. It needs to be done. I don't know that you can achieve anything from the Government, but my prayers are with you at any rate as it certainly needs doing. I really sincerely mean it. I hope you are sincere in what you are doing and if so, God be with you, and DO IT!

I'm reminded of a scripture that goes something like this: the Master said, "Nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed....." Let's stand on it by faith and know it is fulfilled NOW.

I really get mad when I think that some may know something that could give me some closure on my situation, something, just a simple yes or no and they don't think I am ready for it, deserve it, not cleared for it or what? I think all need to know what has happened to them, be told frankly, and even if we have to sign a release we won't sue the government if the almighty dollar is the cause, but we have a right to know and I darn well want to know myself about my particular incident that happened in mid July, 1950 in Dallas, Texas!

It really gets to me as its important to us that have had experiences to be leveled with by our Government that we have supported all our lives. We have been fair with them so they should be just as fair with us. So I'm saying to you, go for it, Peter, and more power to you. You have my sincerest prayers.

And if you want to publish this, go ahead and leave my name with it I may loose some friends but those kind of friends I don't need to start with. I'm not playing church in this thing, I want the truth told to the people and I believe the citizens of this world are very capable of handling the truth. If some have been used in any experiments, any contracted situations for any technology, then they certainly have a right and a need to know about it and it needs to be stopped on top of that.

Someone told me the other day the people were not ready to be told. Then the people are not ready to be used. My comments and you can post it to hell and back as far as I'm concerned with my name on it. Someone can put it on the President's desk and I'd be very happy to know it finally got there, as I tried for a number of years to do so myself.

4) Blue Alien ( in reference to the exchange with M.H., writes:

CAUS comments to M.H. were solid and very true. I just finished writing a friend that I do not require or covet the advice of ANY race of beings who want to inundate my way of life or include me in their ambiguous agenda. I think that we can evolve just fine without their spiritual guidance. I don't care if they are from Zeta Reticuli, the future, a dimensional rift in the fabric of the space time continuum or travelers from some kind of an Einstein-Rosen bridge wormhole. We did not ASK their advice or invite them here. They are intruders and need to go back to wherever they came from or be considerate of us and ask us if we need their help or "TLC." I too am also amazed at how these aliens know what's best for us poor misguided Earthlings. OH gee, without their help we would still be walking on all fours and scratching our asses.

And I also agree that humanity is capable of many great unimaginable feats of our own in given time. My son graduated NC State, my brother has a PhD in psychology and I average a 160 IQ. Do we owe all this to an advanced race of beings? Or maybe some of us can make it on our own and do not need to be forcibly taken, probed and studied by some race merely to "help" our spiritual growth. I resent being a lab rat or a sheep for some shepherd with an unknown agenda. If this alien race has knowledge and advanced technology to give or share with us, then, meet us on common ground and don't abduct us in the dead of night. We are diverse race of emotional, sentient beings...not a bunch of lab rats.

5) Scott Elisberg ( in reference to channeling ETs, writes:

In most cases- channeling does not seem to fit in with the characteristics of other psychic phenomena in that it seems to be too clear and complete. The real thing seems to be vague and incomplete. Entire books have been "written" by channeled entities for the supposed edification of the human race about what the truth is about everything. These entities contradict each other in many ways. If channeling is real, then there are too many truths- and too many right paths, way too many. Channeled information seems to be condescending in a way. Invariably these entities are "Masters" of some sort and only their way will save us from the impending ___________ (choose a disaster). Channeling also is a prime ingredient in many cults, wherein only the leader gets any information for the rest of the followers. Secret information has always been used to obtain and keep power over others. If these entities really have something important to say to all of us- why do they only choose one person to tell out of billions? If they really want to do any good why don't they choose some small group of humans that can see to it that the "Word" gets out and action is taken right away. That small group could be members of congress, the President, the joint chiefs and the justices of the Supreme Court. Not a lot of people, not a lot of psychic energy needed. Actually I think the psychic realm is like the Internet- a message can be sent to one or a million- with the same amount of energy. You just have to have your "modem" turned on.


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