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I think you do not realize just how important you are.  I appreciate your efforts on behalf of all mankind.  I think that what you all do there is heroic which is why I tune into your site and encourage and support your efforts.  There is a multiple non-human species presence on this planet.  You guys and gals are helping to ferret them out.  I noticed your tune on disclosure has changed.  I think I understand why and all I can say is that I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday and am no mark for these non-human species that I believe do not wish us well, truth be known. 

Our own government is seemingly doing it's best to do it's worst for us the citizens who are supposedly are the government.  Ha!  I agree with the Allies of Humanity that our only hope is an unholy alliance between all humans and a 6 billion strong resistance that at first is peaceful and understanding but is willing to learn what it takes to meet the aliens on an equal footing and neutralize there technologies, especially the mental ones, with knowledge.  Maybe mankind cannot handle blatant contact but I believe it will come and it will have many disguises. 

Our job will be to see through them and save this planet for ourselves and get quickly to the job of cleaning it up and preserving it for our long and united future.  We, I believe, are on the brink of emergence into the greater community of species in our part of the galaxy and others. The challenge is there and we will either seize the day or will, like other unprepared, uninvited and uneducated species, be lost.  I for one value my freedom and the freedom of all humans and our potential to preserve ourselves and our planet.

Do not loose hope or faith and keep up the great work.  Your work truly is great.

Thanks for sticking your neck out and continuing to hang in there. (very tiny pun there)  Sincerely for the CAUS-Doug

P.S. I hope our CAUSes are one and the same.



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