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Member Commentary--Mother's Plea; NDEs;

On this Saturday, CAUS shares with you the comments of several of its more vocal members:

1) Cathy ( writes:

This is Cathy and you have been posting my PCEs without my e-mail address. I also now have some feelings to share and a request for help from your readers, if you should choose to use this you may post my e-mail address now (I'm getting brave!).

I would like to share some of my feelings and ask if anyone has any advice in how to deal with the trauma of young children? Perhaps someone who has been through this with their own children will have some advice. Thank you.

I have two children, a girl age 10 and a boy age 7. They are both very bright (makes me wonder if they're really mine!) my son is in the first grade and reads on a 5th grade level. They are good kids. They both suffer somewhat from their abductions, especially my son. My daughter was 6 when we had that abduction in Oct. '94, she had a lot of trouble afterwards. She didn't want to go to bed or to sleep, she kept saying she was afraid the "monkeys" would come back, she was so terrified! She started not wanting to go anywhere in the house alone, day or night. She became afraid of things she was never afraid of before. She drew pictures of the "monkeys" coming down from the sky into her bedroom where she lay in bed. She also drew a picture of what she said was their "gun," it was a square box with a long tapered needle protruding out of it. When she showed it to me I became very upset and I later ripped it up and threw it away. I wish I hadn't done that, I reacted very strangely to things myself back then! She eventually got over the worst of her fears and now is a confident and outgoing young girl.

My son started having trouble about two years ago. He suddenly became very fearful and now refuses to go anywhere in the house alone day or night as well. He has to be escorted all the time, he refuses to go alone. He is terrified of needles at a fanatic level. He is afraid of clowns, and absolutely terrified of the Jet Puff marshmallow man. He saw it on a Taco Bell commercial and I thought he would lose it! It still surprises me how upset he can get. He is very unsure of himself, this breaks my heart and I don't know what to do to help him! At school, he is well liked and has many friends, he is an excellent student and is highly praised by his teachers. If he sees a picture of an alien (one closely resembling a grey) he freezes up and becomes scared. He even got upset this morning at a "Mr. Rogers" show that had an "alien" on it! He got upset and covered his face with a pillow, then came running over to me. I am teary eyed talking about this, it breaks my heart so!

My goal and aspiration in life is to try my hardest to provide my children with as "normal" a childhood as I can. I want them to feel safe and loved, I want them to be free of their crippling fears. I try hard to shield them from as much as I can in regard to the abductions. I have them in Catholic school, because I thought it would be a more loving and protective environment for them, and it has been. I want this world we live in to be a better place for them and all children. I want their future to be bright and happy. I am a single mom, and I struggle with a lot. I bear a tremendous guilt

for my children's abduction traumas (after all, they "inherited" it from me) and I seem to try endlessly to make up for it.

It is a daily struggle for me to try to make my life "normal," I have some hang-ups myself from my own experiences. I struggle with feelings of helplessness and depression. I wonder what the future holds. Whether the greys are "good" or "bad" obsesses me. My search for answers threatens to consume me at times. "Normal life" is just beyond my reach, a distant memory. Yes, I have grown so much and gained such strength from my experiences, but I have paid a dear price. I sometimes will look at people and watch them laughing and happy and living a "normal" life oblivious to what is happening (the abductions we suffer) and I will envy them. A tear will fill my eye.

2) Tony Garry writes:

Been reading all the commentaries. Mind if I spout off too? Have been reading about the ET phenomenon for about 15 years. I'm like you, Peter - never seen one, never been abducted, but gee, isn't it fascinating? While you work the trenches, I read and try to keep an open mind about it. I don't have any answers (who does?), but I have a theory (who doesn't?). Want to hear mine?

Although my wife has seen a UFO, and I have a friend who is an abductee, who was once taken for 3 days, unfortunately the issue has gotten stale lately - something I never thought it would. [And, I'm sure it wouldn't if I was being abducted regularly] What I need is a reality-check [ha ha]. Less of PCE's which say: "Here's something weird that happened to me the other day, I don't know what it could be" and then 10 paragraphs later, says "Oh, and by the way, I think I've had unexplained things happen all my life, and the lives of my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandpa and grandma, etc., etc."

No one knows what the heck's going on - with this, or any other supernatural area. But, as one of your PCEer's commented awhile back: "..I feel that on some level, I've consented to this.." Whoa. Let's explore this. I know how spiritual you are from the comments you make about Life, the Universe, "This Reality" on Planet Earth, and so forth, so I know you'll follow me on this. I'm not trying to question your commitment to those who are suffering. Just trying to bring up a possible explanation.

There's another phenomena where nobody knows what the heck's going on either. But its happening to at least as many people as contactees. It's the people who claim to have had near death experiences (not associated with UFO's - although many claim their "spiritual body" is flying through space at incredible speed). These reports are just as fascinating, and just as mystifying, as PCE's. No one knows if these are "real" either, but the people are as real, and as credible. My wife is one.

One of the common reports of the "NDE'ers" is that entities in the spiritual realm seem to incarnate on Earth for a reason - there's some purpose to fulfill. Although I haven't a clue whether our lives are "preordained," anything's possible. And if so, then its possible that abductees consented to it in the spiritual realm before coming here, to fulfill that glorious purpose (whatever that is).

Interesting that abductees speak of a "veil" blocking their ability to remember their experiences with aliens. This is the same term used by NDE'ers when referring to not only our memories of who we were before entering the material plane, but what happened during their NDE, as well as specific things having been "blocked out," for whatever particular reason.

Of course, NDE'ers aren't paralyzed on lab tables, experimented on, etc. But not all of their experiences are pleasant either. But they do come away with a sense of "the big picture" - and when its in a book we can read, then we can share the experience and reach some conclusions.

So, my feeling is that while abductees are suffering, there may be an explainable reason. And if they indeed "consented" to this before incarnating (for whatever universal reason), they might not be able to remember it, but perhaps they could explore it as a possibility, and see if some sort of remembrance comes to them. This may help bring some peace to their lives.

3) Fred Wilson ( writes:

On Saturday John Alexander made the statement that J. N.'s fear of the risk of disclosing his name was a myth. This is simply not so. In 1995 I agreed to participate in a documentary about my encounter which occurred in 1989. After the documentary aired in 1996 I discovered just how far people will allow themselves to go when they are motivated by fear, ignorance, and false assumptions. About half my coworkers stopped talking to me many could no longer even make eye contact with me. I left work one day to discover that my car had been vandalized. I was not allowed to become part of the softball team, and when I went to the Christmas party I got assaulted. Because the government has chosen to use ridicule as a weapon in it's quest to keep people from learning the true nature of these encounters/abductions I get to be the brunt of numerous jokes and the object of a great deal of scorn. It is not an easy position to be in. I came forward because no amount of denial could get me to the point of disbelief. Something is going on and unless we examine it we will never find out what it is. Ignorance is the only real darkness. I felt a moral obligation to my fellow humans to inform them of my experience. I lost my career as a standup comic as a consequence of my abduction and people think I made up a story because I wanted attention. Well, I definitely don't want the kind of attention that I've gotten! And my career was going just fine, thank you. Nowadays instead of people recognizing me as a comedian when I walk into a room and nudging their table mates to point me out I get the silent treatment when I walk into the cafeteria after stacking umpteen thousand boxes in the warehouse where I work. At least I get my own table and there's nobody interrupting me while I read the paper. The risks involved with telling the truth are very real when people prefer to believe in lies.

4) J.N. writes:

In response to John Alexander's comments regarding my desire not to be identified as the reporter of a sighting of the flying triangle -- First, being new to CAUS, I didn't realize that communication would be make public, I meant to just have a conversation with Peter. Secondly, you misunderstand my reason for not wanting to be identified -- I don't fear retribution and I suspect no danger from the government -- my point -- while my comment about the way the government works is true -- has more to do with someone from one of the agencies I work with hearing about this, and having it get around. There are many who still find the entire UFO topic to be a joke, and I've worked long and hard for my career, which has much to do with the welfare of children, that I cannot afford to have my reputation become a joke because someone in one of those agencies begins idle gossip. It would surely hurt my standing with the government agencies that I must have impeccable relations with. I hope this clears up my motives. And Sir, until you've been on the end of a government witchhunt, you have no credibility to speak to such matters.


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