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All Greys & Reptilians Look Alike

The Blue Alien writes:

Frequently I hear how "primitive" our race is compared to these extraterrestrial "gods" who have our best interests at heart because they are SO advanced; mainly tecnologically but also {(spiritually) which can be argued. It is my contention and belief that WE are a unique species because of our diversity. Our different races, cultures, beliefs, physical attributes, etc. Apparently some of the ET races "visiting" our beautiful blue planet are devoid of these qualities.

Maybe it is my intellect, IQ or plain arrogance that has me seeing things in this light. Researching the Grey and Reptilian races revealed their INability to have emotional qualities and physical differences. They all look alike...the greys ARE grey and black bug eyed. The reptilians all look alike....lizards. So my analysist of these races is that they are not capable of love and having emotional feelings...excluding contempt or hatred. Love and compassion are human qualities that I contend "some" races are curious of, or even envious of. Like the way humans will bond together and protect one another with their lives if it comes down to that. Also, there are about 6 billion of us "primitives", BUT each one of us are distinct (down to our fingerprints). Our DNA is an incredible and maybe even a rare evolutionary engine. The 4 nitrogenous bases of DNA are arranged along the sugar-phosphate backbone in a particular order... the DNA sequence...encoding ALL genetic instructions for an organism. The four: Adenine(A)pairs with thymine(T),cytosine(C) pairs with guanine(G). The 2 DNA strands are held together by "hydrogen bonds" between the bases. We all hear or know of the "double helix". This is a simple definition of DNA but very unique and necessary in our diversity and evolution. Think about that. We are not all grey. We are not all reptiles. NOT the same. We are an intelligent and evolutionary advancing race of beings. As the way "I see it" we are NOT the primitive race. I think we came pretty far on our own evolutionary path. OK. So we cannot traverse the space time continuum or trek through dimensions. Maybe we are not technologically advanced as our grey "intruders"...but we are the more advanced species with our emotions. Love and compassion for one another, and our physical and cultural diversity.

I don't want to be grey or a lizard. I like being me, a part of the unique human species of Earth. Maybe they are learning how to be more like us. Keep your eyes to the sky


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