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Are UFOs Beyond Our Understanding?

Malcom writes: Today I received a newsletter from paranormal website which listed an interview with you. I agree your crusade to learn the true reality of UFOs and to bring this knowledge to citizens has met difficult obstacles and can understand your course for the future.

I as many who share your interest in this phenomenon have admired your zest to obtain disclosure from those authorities most likely to know the true facts regarding the issue. All thru History there have been mysteries that those who know the answers, will not share the knowledge with the common people. The Fatima letters are a classic example and present day UFOs are another.

When so much resistance is applied to secrecy concening such issues one begins to question the reality of them. Information & Disinformation each present a different explanation for their reality, but for those who have had some type of experience with either issue, their "Gut Feeling" and awareness of the issue suggests another opinion.

I have always been interested in any field of the Sciences and many of my life long hobbies related to them in some form of endeavors. With this background and having witnessed a phenomenon that had no rational explanation, I have continually sought to understand the expanding presense of UFO activities.

I believe as you do that an actual UFO sighting is real, but undoubtedly not related to our 5 senses understanding. Quantum Mechanics are bringing the varied dimensions of the Universe closer together and somewhere in between them the UFO presense is intertwined. Present String Theories regarding mixed dimensions no doubt contain the source where ufo's reside and manifest from.

Regardless there seem to be as many theories as sightings of UFOs and one has to consider all possibilites of the jig-saw puzzle. Since most of my interests have dealt with higher knowledge I have great respect for those who thru education and research have obtained greater knowledge of an issue. Such an individual is Bruce Cornet who has a professional background and also an above average interest in the UFO phenomenon. When one visits his website they realize he has used every means to understand this issue and perhaps his opinions are worthy of consideration to understanding unknow energies, manifestations, etc.

Undeniably Einsteins formula E=MxC² is a controlling factor for everything in the Universe. Unfortunately the spectrum range of human eyesight cannot see all that is within created objects from this limitless source of energy.

Increasing solar flare E.M.'s are intensifying Earth's normal atmosphere and this could be a reason for increasing sightings that we now see? Where does one draw a line for intelligence within an energy source, we both realize that all matter from Atoms to humans possess awareness and it may be possible that increasing energy sources are causing a form of mutation within inert matter.

My text may be far out thinking but also is the UFO issue and who knows what form it may be composed of? No one yet has been able to pin down the compostion of a Humans Soul either. They may be all of the same composition---{Energies}


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