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Cattle Mutilations in Central Oregon


In March of this year, sheriff's officials called in one of this nation's leading large animal experts. Kimball Lewis, then a State Special Agent appointed personally by Governor John Kitzhaber is considered to be one of the top three equine and bovine abuse and neglect experts in the US. Lewis arrived at the scene in this remote desert plateau region and espoused the idea that area cattleman might be dumping stillborn calves. Later however, Lewis privately returned to the scene with a forensic expert and was shown certain unexplainable anomalies causing him to literally place the case in his X. File at his Bend Office.

Here is what the public wasn't told:

While the hype around the cattle mutilations was dying down, Lewis was situated in a borrowed 33 foot motorhome near a tiny rural Eastern Oregon Community known as Post. There, Lewis was conducting night vision surveillance on an organized bloodsport operation. The operation fought pitbulls for cash and used a barn in this wilderness area. A veterinarian Lewis had met in December while attending a conference in Albuquerque New Mexico (The American Association of Equine Practitioners Conference) had confided in Lewis about the activity. On his was back to Bend in the motorhome, Lewis elected to stay the night and observe the area where the cattle mutilations had occurred. Lewis came home days later and confided in a family friend that he had seen something very bizarre in the desert that night and that his experience had changed his life.

On April 12, 2000 at 8:00 AM, Lewis returned to his rural home nestled against the hills near Tumalo where he kept his horses and a 7 year old German Shepherd named Donner. When Lewis pulled into his driveway, he was confronted by his dog hanging from a juniper tree with a gaping hole in the middle of his forehead. The Salt Lake Tribune

One week later, Lewis was accused of a series of improprieties by a colleague at his office. Lewis resigned and went underground. The colleague, who had a history of leveling false allegations against employers has since been fired. The Oregon Attorney General's Office conducted a two-month investigation and concluded that there was no evidence of any criminal misconduct by Lewis.

This raises some serious question:

Why was Lewis attacked this way?

Why has the Governors Office, a longtime friend Governor's Office Press Releases suddenly disavowed Lewis?

Why does Lewis have a former Bend Police Officer guarding his residence?

What did Lewis see that night in the high desert wilderness of Central Oregon?

It is rumored that Lewis has confined himself to his basement where he is writing a book on his experience.


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