The Skeptical Sage Returns

By: The Sage (

I was just curious, what initiative is there to believe in the UFO phenomenon? After many years of studying this phenomenon, I've come to the following conclusions...

1) There is absolutely no evidence of the existence of UFOs, merely only extensive cataloging of an overwhelming number of reports of the existence of UFOs. As UNDERSTANDING SCIENTIFIC REASON by Ronald N Giere puts it, "...the basic data consist of REPORTS of UFO sightings, not the EXISTENCE of what was reported. This distinction is crucial because the fact that some people have reported such things has been verified by many investigators. There can be no doubt that people have made such reports. That the people in question actually saw or experienced what they say they did, however, is open to question" (pg 166). PROJECT BLUEBOOK is one such example of a collection of mere reports of UFOs and not any actual study of some objects. I can think of numerous other major, alleged scientific studies that follow under the same logical fallacy of failing to verify a phenomenon by collecting reports instead of legitimate physical evidence.

2) No one will deny that UFOs are a classified topic in the USA Government, but it would be ridiculous to believe that an ET presence is of any serious concern to anyone but tabloid reporters or their infected minions. The USA has a need to identify intruders for the purpose of enforcing and protecting it's borders, so should the USA make public to it's enemies, when and how it fails to identify intruders? I can understand why the USA would choose to keep *that* info confidential but nowhere in any of those confidential scenarios does the term 'ET' spring to mind.

3) The Freedom of Information Act has yet to help anyone turn up even the slightest evidence that indicates that the USA Government has a minimal trace of any knowledge of the alleged ET presence for anytime or at anyplace. All claims to the contrary have so far been extensively built upon silly fairytales of completely unverifiable and unbelievable sensationalistic cloak and dagger games. The MJ-12 group is one such fantasy that springs to mind.

4) The UFO story is one of the biggest lies and three ring circus shows of the millennium.

5) Not a single successful argument has ever been made against the claim that the UFO phenomenon is just another example of a mass delusion, extremely similiar to the same mass delusion that affllicted the world back in the days of Cristopher Columbus --specifically, the humanoid monster delusion.

Believers seem to ignore the obvious blatent fact that there is absolutely no legitimate physical evidence presently in existence, that scientifically or rationally verifies the existence of an ET presence, therefore all claims of the 'existence' of an ET presence can only have been built upon blindly taking people at their word, instead of taking the more proper and valid route of actually studying an actual physical object -- or at least *try* and confirm that an actual physical object ever existed.

There is no smoking gun unless you pretend that somewhere, once upon a time, one had existed.



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