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On this Saturday, CAUS again shares with you some very interesting insights into the interaction with this other intelligence we generically refer to as the "UFO phenomenon." But first a question posed by a member..."Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the universe are pointed away from Earth?"

1) Anne E. Corwin ( writes:

I read with interest the list of ways to discredit the UFO phenomenon. I suppose it makes its point, but at the same time I think we as a people need to avoid extremes. If one were to travel around the world, one would find that an overwhelming majority of persons DO believe in something paranormal--whether it be spirits of dead ancestors, spaceships from other worlds, extrasensory perception, or any of the various Gods that have popped up over the course of history. There is no "evil conspiracy" of skeptics working in concert with alien intelligence to keep most human beings in the dark. One cannot be too credulous or too eager to debunk. Many of science's greatest discoveries: quantum theory, the principle of natural selection, manned space flight, to name a few--were initially considered preposterous and even dangerous. Science often works by leaping ahead on a whim or a sudden inspiration on the part of some creative individual, then backtracking to see if the new assertion meshes with reality.

Some theories and assertions prove to be unsupported, while others turn out to have been revelations about the workings of the Universe. True science has no political agenda. It tries to deal in facts. It does not seek to mislead anybody. Every human is invited to read and investigate the vast body of research that has been handed down from the ranks of the brilliant, grizzled university researchers, from the tireless anthropologists, from the astronomers. The trouble is that people are not willing to wait. They want a quick explanation, and one that does not go beyond what they already understand owing to their education and interests.

Some disciplines in science take years and years to understand fully: subatomic physics, microbiology. I have a theory that many people who believe in the paranormal do so entirely on the basis of anecdotal evidence: they have watched "Sightings" or read the Time-Life series, "Mysteries of the Unknown." They have surfed the Internet and found chat room support groups for alien abduction victims. I am not saying ALL believers in the paranormal are flaky and credulous, I am just asserting that there is no danger of a skeptical "takeover," because skepticism is only practiced by a minority of human beings. The point of all this is that I don't think people should be EXPECTED to believe in something they themselves have never witnessed or experienced. Belief, by and large, is not a choice. And when presented with a strange situation, one that challenges the currently available explanations of science, humans are better off trying to explain it by natural means BEFORE resorting to the supernatural than the other way around. It is dangerous to assume people are telling the truth simply because they say they are.

The adherents of the Heaven's Gate cult really believed that when they left their "containers" (bodies) they would join the Mother Ship trailing the Hale-Bopp comet. David Koresh and his followers really believed that David was in direct communication with God. 3 out of 5 persons are vulnerable to hypnotic persuasion and suggestion. Given these facts, would it really benefit humans as a whole to start taking seriously EVERY claim of the paranormal or supernatural?

I advocate equal time in research and equal respect of all phenomena. Studying the UFO phenomenon should be approached by science with the same agenda-free scrutiny as studying the behavior of lions or the process of photosynthesis. I support CAUS (in my heart and mind rather than financially, because I am a poor college student!) because I see an imbalance in the treatment of some phenomena as opposed to other phenomena. I am a skeptic. I think CSICOP is a good thing, so long as they do not become overly dogmatic in their efforts to debunk. I listen to Art Bell regularly. I try to remain open minded: when I find myself either believing or not believing something, I try to make sure I am basing my position on fact and logic rather than emotion and wishful thinking. People need to know not only WHAT they believe, but WHY they believe it. People need to be educated. It is not a good situation when the only reason a person thinks something is true is because they do not understand something in science. It is also not a good situation when a person claims, "Well, that can't have happened because it violates the laws of physics," because this person is ignoring the fact that what we know as "laws" may someday be proven false, and were at one time unknown to humanity. Balance is the key to gathering accurate data about the Universe.

2) F. Milton Olsen III ( writes:

Peter and CAUS members-- In thinking about rods, I believe that we should use the same mindset that is logical to use in considering the UFO enigma... and that is the Guardian mindset.

At first, my interest was piqued because we may be observing a newly discovered life-form. Then, as the guardian mindset came into play, I asked, why are we only observing these creatures *now*? Were they here all along? Were they formerly rare and existing in small numbers, but now for some reason are reproducing in great numbers so that we see them? Is this speculative increased reproduction attributable to something, some difference that we can measure? Could increased numbers of rods be related to some human activity?

Conversely, could the rods be an extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional import? A cosmic zebra mussel that traveled here as a bio-hitch-hiker? Perhaps they were inadvertently brought her by "someone else" from "somewhere else."

Is anyone in the biological community studying the rods? Are any Universities or Institutes or other formal research entities aware of the rods and their possible implications as a rare native life-form whose numbers may be increasing, or as an exotic "import"?

If indeed, the rods exist... and if, indeed, they are a life-form, discovering their biological information will lead to *important* new knowledge in the areas of chemistry, taxonomy, biomechanics, aeronautics -- we can only guess at the trove of knowledge and research possibilities.

There must be a few biologists on the CAUS list who could gather information and images of the rods to submit for serious study. Generating scientific interest in the rods could have far greater importance than we realize.

3) Linda Smith writes:

My thoughts on those "rods": I have a hunch they could be monitoring devices used by the ET's, or whoever pilots the UFOs. They could be running on Earth's magnetic energy. I don't think they are alive, or conscious, in the sense that a human or animal is alive and conscious. But I feel they are real. Keep in mind I am merely using my intuition in this piece about the rods. I am not channeling, as I know that you, Peter, do not like it when I channel ETs and other such beings. But this is a hunch of mine; that the rods are energy-measuring devices that also have an intelligence of their own, a robotic sort of intelligence, manipulated by the beings in the craft. My intuition tells me these rods are definitely extraterrestrial in origin. My intuition further tells me they are not of our US government or our military. I don't think we humans have developed this technology yet. But we will. Planetary races as a whole always do.

As for the (beneficent) Extraterrestrials, they are here to help, and some of them have made the same mistakes we humans have, and survived to tell the tale and warn us away from destroying this planet and the human spirit.

Steve Winwood put it best in the Traffic song, "The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys"--"But spirit is something/no one can destroy."

Do not use my e-mail address in posting this.

I don't know why the Grays or others are doing bad or invasive things to human beings. I do know I have never had any bad or invasive experiences with Extraterrestrials. However, I have had things implanted in my body; etheric gemstones, shamanic power objects, and such. But I am not afraid of these things; they enhance my personal power, or what the Native Americans call "medicine," and thus I know I have nothing to fear from them.

And if everyone else out there said prayers of protection to Archangel Michael before going to sleep, and learned how to control their mind, body, emotional, and spirit energy, and also surround themselves with a circle of white light before sleep, these problems could be avoided.

These are merely suggestions. I don't even pretend to know the entire UFO phenomenon. But I AM in telepathic contact with the beneficent Extraterrestrials, such as the Ashtar Command, the Sirians, the Arcturians, and the Pleiadians. And we are all descendants of Extraterrestrial races, who landed her long, long ago and mated with humans and other creatures here.

We are not lab rats. We are growing up as a human race. We are in late adolescence, in a spiritual sense. The beneficent beings are our elder brothers and sisters. They've been through everything we are currently facing. They will help us, but as one told me, "We won't do your homework for you."

OK. That's my five cents for the day. I hope you publish this, not to glorify me, but for the common good.

4) Michael Prezbindowski ( writes:

The latest mailing today focused my attention and drew me to write: I have been noticing for 25+years now how the human race has been experiencing the "quickening" as Art Bell calls it. Notice how much faster we move, experience things, etc. A perfect example: We who use computers are aware that they are mental accelerators. I always thought that they were training our minds to work faster. But perhaps the speed factor that makes the current model slow and the faster model desirable is environmental! We all drive cars faster as well. HMMMM!


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