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Off World Hypothesis (OWH)

Shane Hill writes:

The OWH or off world hypothesis, states that UFO's AKA "flying saucers" are from another planet, solar system or galaxy. Various subgroups of this theory are also discussed such as the AAH ancient astronauts hypothesis, which states in that aliens have been visiting us for many thousands of years, influencing everything from our religion to our science.

Problems with the OWH

1. The distance traveled.

Assuming that aliens in their wisdom are arriving from the vast distances of space, then we can also assume that they must be coming from some nearby planet within a solar system that has at least one life supporting planet. Anywhere else would simply be too far.

By our best calculations the nearest solar system to ours is the fabled Alpha-century. It has featured in everything from television, to movies, to computer games yet there is actually very little chance that it contains a planet that could support life. All the evidence thus far gathered of planets in other nearby solar systems points to large gas giants like Jupiter not small picturesque home worlds.

Let us assume (pretend) for a moment that it does. That around the glowing sun of Alpha-century there is a small earth like planet with an advanced civilization with the scientific capability to travel between the stars.

By the best estimates using conventional travel methods it would take several million years to reach us. Even if a craft were to travel at ninety percent of the speed of light (a purely theoretic speed) it would still take several thousand years to arrive in our solar system. Does all this effort account for the limited clandestine activities of the UFO's when they do arrive. In all logic it does not.

Why travel all that way to scare few farmers, slaughter some bovine or kidnap a few psychologically disturbed housewives. If on the other hand you are going to travel such vast distances to deliver a message of peace, with unending good will, or your most heart felt condolences for the coming destruction of your race because of your ineptitude come ignorance with nuclear energy. Why would you give that message such an ambiguous nature? Why give that message to a few individuals who are not going to be believed, except by a few diehard enthusiasts or so-called crackpots.

Even if you discount Alpha-century electing any another possible source, you would be talking about far greater distances with far greater amounts of time needed to arrive here.

Let us suppose for a moment that the visitors are from 'anywhere' in the universe, that they use inter-dimensional travel, wormhole or folded space to travel the vast distances to earth. Why then are they still so illusive.

Currently the most popular theory about why the aliens are here is the conspiracy theory. A collection of theorem that details the aliens plans to take us over. In these tales of terror we are all destined to become the unwitting zombie slaves of some dark sinister race of reptilians from beyond the stars. OK that's a slight exaggeration, try looking at those theories in the detail they require then project forward what is being said. *

This reptilian invasion is a long time coming, especially for a civilization advanced enough to perfect inter-dimensional travel. They should by all logic have the technology to simply take over the planet or wipe us out as they see fit.

The insurmountable problems with the OFF WORLD HYPOTHESIS have lead to the resurgence of two opposing theories. Firstly that they are peaceful, the aliens do not intend to take us over their message is one of love not war. More popular today, is the second theory that they are not from beyond the stars they are in fact from right here on earth.

Other theories revolve around moon bases or vast armadas of ships searching the cosmos for planets to either colonize or make contact with, neither of these bears out as we have not been colonized moreover the so-called contacts being made are, at the very best ambiguous even highly suspect.

Cultist or the more extreme believers can argue against almost any logic that you might use against the distance traveled problem. Even to the point of acquainting the aliens with a god, "we don't know all the answers perhaps their logic is different than ours" mostly though they begin talking themselves into circles.

2. Do the aliens come from within our own solar system? Despite what you may have heard there is very little chance that any of the planets in our immediate solar system can support life. While there is increasing evidence (circumstantial) that Mars may once have sustained life this would not account for the millions of years past that UFO's have not been visiting us. There is evidence of water on the moon this implies water on the moon it does not necessarily follow that life would be there also.

George Adamski stated that his visitors claimed to be from within our own solar system. He even claimed to have seen cities on the dark side of the moon as well as on Venus. These claims we now know emphatically to have been false.

Was Adamski lying, his modern supporters would have us believe that he was lied to. This begs the question, what possible reason would such beings have for fabricating such untruths? Unless of course like many humans they lie for the fun of it. This seems highly unlikely, if it is the case then we can safely assume that the aliens lied about everything else they told their supposed contacts here on earth. At this stage it might be better to assume that it was Adamski, not any aliens who made things up. After all one would expect that expeditions made to other planets with the possibility of meeting other intelligent beings would be made by scientist's, researchers or astronauts not fibbers.

To encapsulate the off world hypothesis is loosing favor amongst UFO believers they are now looking for other explanations. Even those that still support the OWH are beginning to delve into the realms of pure science fiction, mathematical probabilities that are the domain of quantum physics, We are possibly hundreds even thousands of years from understanding the question let alone the answers.

Theories concerning Inter-dimensional or time travel are becoming more popular because there are no apparent arguments against these possibilities. Even some conspiracy theorists are changing their opinion. It is simply too far for any reasonable being to come for the purposes they claim.

3. Technology
The next problem is the so-called advanced technology of the aliens. It seems to go without question that the aliens are super advanced beings. Far ahead of us in their science. When in fact the evidence does not bear this out.

The popular catch phrase used to be they must be thousands of years more advanced than us. I can recall as a young Ufologist thinking 'wow the UFO's must terribly advanced', yet I cant for the life of me remember why I thought this. Was it because their ships were saucer shaped with no windows, or had I seen 'The day the earth stood still' in a double feature with 'Forbidden Planet'? I still don't know why I thought that UFO's MUST be from super advanced civilizations. I just assumed they were.

Never once have the occupants of UFOs displayed what could be considered super advanced technology, what they display is at best a few years even months ahead of our own technology. Or not really technology at all.

There are three arguments against this reasoning.

1. That the aliens are hiding their super science from us.

2. That they show us thing far beyond our understanding.

3. That they do share the super science yet only with the government, you and I are left in the dark.

All three of these arguments fail to make sense. Mainly because that which is described by contactees does not appear very far out of the ordinary. True it may be in an unfamiliar setting or fall into the category of things that a human with limited understanding can not describe.

Looking at the many cases of UFO contact we can find nothing that even looks like advanced technology. Even microchips, transplants, together with cloning are now common.

Keep in mind that UFO abductees only started describing cloning once it became viable for our earth science to start making them. Cloning is not a new idea.

It appears that in all cases the science displayed by the visitors was in line with current theories or experiments, which are underway right here on earth.

This takes into account the science or advanced technologies used to travel the distances required for interstellar travel, in some cases taking an earthling with you. In all cases where a human has supposedly travel to another planet the information about the planet has turned out to be inaccurate, i.e. cities on Venus, whole civilizations on Mars. Other reports of travel outside our solar system seem to be in the nature of astral travel a few spiritual journeys or dream like images. This does no require super advanced technology all it requires is a super advanced imagination or a super advanced level of gullibility.

As for the visitors hiding their technology from us, why? It seems that in all the stories of contact or abduction, the aliens have been only too proud to show us how advanced they are. They demonstrate time after time various medical devices (which they never share).

In many cases aliens have described in great detail the propulsion systems supposedly employed in their mysterious craft. Described with enough detail that a few contacts have drawn plans of them or tried to explain how the alien craft worked. So they are not hiding anything from us.

Problems begin however when we find that the information they have shared is completely meaningless or something we already know.

In all cases were a contact has revealed information given by the aliens it appears to be of a suspect nature, dealing in magnetic fields, mind power driven machines or strange energy forces that we have yet to understand. Designs using these ideas, even machines made from these principles have failed every time to work. It appears that these contacts have gathered a little knowledge from earth before they left simply making the rest up.

There are even some who claim that the incredible machines will not work until the planet earth is either in the right spiritual vibration or until we as a race can solve all our problems. This fails to take into account the fact that a machine works or it doesn't irregardless of the spiritual nature of the driver or operator.

It also implies by default that all UFO occupants are good. In all the cosmos there is not one single bad alien. If a whole planet must be of the right spiritual vibration before these machines will work or these craft will fly then the planet from which the UFO's are from must be spiritual pure otherwise their craft wouldn't have worked, right?

This does not gel with the stories, which always involve wars between the forces of good, and evil, both sides seem to have technology that works. One is tempted to ask how the spiritually impure race got their machines to work let alone their craft to fly.

They are also not hiding their so-called medical science from us. Large numbers of contactees are given cures while on board the strange craft. Telling us how the aliens have not only cured war or famine but also disease on their home planet. Yet they are even less forthcoming with this information than they are with propulsion systems.

Even though there is no shortage of techniques bought back from UFO encounters not so much as the common cold has been cured by alien methods. Perhaps it is no coincidence that it is illegal to prescribe unlicensed or untested medicine on this planet because not one of these methods involves medicine they all involve getting your spirit right with god or some universal force? Or perhaps the aliens simply don't use medicine.

4. Sightings That Follow Contemporary Science.

Along with various claims of secret bases, advanced machinations, designs, details or plans for advanced technology, according to some conspiracy theorists has found its way into the hands of the government. Everything from Roswell to the mysterious underground civilization of the Deros has been credited with the advancement of the stealth plane or the B52.

Conspiracy theorists as well as some UFO believers fail to take into account the fact that this advanced technology does not appear in anyway like its source.

If one was to look analytically at the vast number of sightings reported all over the world various things or reoccurring states appear. One of these is the actual shape of the UFO's reported. Like the claims of advanced technology when analyzed become mere representations of new or coming earth technology. The reported shapes of the craft themselves seem to be examples of coming earthbound aircraft technology.

The great airship scare, of the 1800's preceded the actual development of airship design by at least twenty years. Almost as if the people reporting the UFO's (airships) had advanced knowledge of the development of lighter than air flight. Reports from the period detailed large balloon or blimp type crafts that where usually piloted by occupants claiming to be.

1. Scientists who had invented then built the device themselves.
2. Members of lost civilizations who where exploring the surface world in their ships.

Both these claims have found their way into modern UFO folklore. The scientist who had designed as well as built the craft could easily be the early counter part for the urban legend that many UFO buffs or conspiracy theorists now believe (or say they believe). Science has developed far beyond where we suspect. Scientists have already developed free energy machines. They have secret antigravity craft, perhaps even inter-dimensional or time travel. Most conspiracy doctrine has the scientist working with or for the military. I would refer the reader here to the Montuak files.

The subterranean world once again finds its way into the annals of urban folklore. It shows that even back before the Shaver mystery there was a strong belief in the idea that the earth was either completely hollow or that it was full of massive caverns that held hidden worlds from our eyes.

These mysterious airships where variously described as large noiseless craft driven by propellers craft needing robes to anchor themselves to the ground. Had you used this description 20 years later everyone would have thought you meant a blimp.

The problem is that the craft were twenty years too early, lending credence to the idea that somebody or some organization is withholding advanced technology from us. If they made airships so far ahead of time then allowed us to develop them, just how far ahead are they now?

Adamski's craft looked suspiciously like those tested during the Second World War. How on earth you may ask could Adamski have known or guessed at the shape of his craft. Was he a hoaxer who got lucky or was he actually seeing experimental German aircraft? Following this line of thought we must also assume that the occupants where not from Venus as they claimed but Germans.

Arguments against this might be that Adamski was visited, made contact with, several times. One could almost understand that a chance encounter while refueling or repairing might necessitate a lie, why continue with the lie over several visits?

In all probability it is Adamski who was lying the contacts never taking place. His guess at the type of craft however is compelling, as are other sightings of similar craft made during the same period.

Today there are large amounts of data coming in that deal with triangular shaped craft, this as the airforce is developing triangular shaped stealth fighters. The parallels seem too uncanny to be taken lightly. There are several possible explanations for why the descriptions of the craft seem to follow contemporary or near contemporary conventional earth aircraft.

The most obvious for the conspiracy theorist is, that the powers that be are in cahoots with alien or subterranean beings who are giving them the information. Revealing science needed to build these craft. The second is, that the witnesses are being influenced by contemporary knowledge, what they are seeing be it hallucinatory or made up, reflects things like media reports of the time. Today there are movies like Star Wars or "Independence Day", elements of these films can be found in current UFO reports.

During the era of the airships, Jules Verne in addition to other authors were describing such things in great detail. The witness's claims closely parallel some elements of these stories. "Master of the World" for example told of a scientist who used a great airship of his own design, to travel the world, this parallels hundreds of air ship reports where witnesses claim that the occupants told them they were scientists out exploring the world.

Even one of the most famous UFO cases, that of Betty and Barney Hill has elements from several movies that where popular at the time of the supposed encounter. Actually on close examination the story seems to be a collage of several concepts borrowed from films. As do several modern UFO encounters.

Finally (for the moment) alien induced technology does not act like alien induced technology. The stealth fighter is not a flat round craft that can make 90 degree turns in a split second.

* Look at television shows like 'V' then read my article, dealing with the relationship between television, movies and the modern UFO phenomena. The parallels are sometimes astounding.


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