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On this Saturday, I had planned on posting the original e-mail from Mary, whose second e-mail to me I had included in the CAUS Commentary-CAUS Draws the Line-Part IV. But after receiving two others from her (four total) that were just as nebulous and secretive as the first two, I decided not to waste my time and this space. So if any of you are interested in pursuing this further, her e-mail address is

So instead, today's Member Commentary will be in response to last week's CAUS Commentary - CAUS Draws the Line. (I have taken the liberty of editing the commentaries due to space limitations)

1) KC Jenner ( writes:

I'm from the days of the Vietnam War protests and was actively involved in them. Maybe we could have a massive synchronized blockade of federal courts or other type of government buildings protesting their refusal to respond to these issues of keeping us in the dark.

2) Julia Neiman ( writes:

Peter, what about organizing an Internet campaign to get the attention of the media and politicians. Look at how fast the Move On political organization put itself together and became a force that individual Congress people had to at least consider in their decision regarding impeachment. And now that organization continues to thrive online and is organizing campaigns against those politicians who voted for impeachment against the wishes of the general public. We could organize a letter writing campaign, letters to the editors of major newspapers and magazines, emails to politicians, and what about a plea to Al Gore, who is the chief science officer of the country to open a serious investigation into this matter. We can flood his email with requests for this as well as drown him with snail mail and telegrams and calls to his office. We can give him something to consider by pointing out to him that he'd have the support of all UFO enthusiasts, republican and independent as well as democrats if we believe he'll give us a serious investigation and open the government's knowledge to us. After all, those of us who are believers are currently in the majority and if we organized ourselves politically, we could be a force to be reckoned with. Via Internet, with notices and links to many other websites we can become a viable international force. We can write to heads of state and scientists in other countries -- the possibilities are endless. Once it gets going on the Internet, media attention won't be far behind.

3) Scott Elisberg ( writes:

Concern engenders action. More concern engenders more action. Action requires energy. Energy requires guidance and direction otherwise it is wasted. Humans hate to waste energy. That's why I see societies' concern about a problem increasing proportionally to a perception that something can be done about it. Even solutions for problems like death and taxes seem easy compared to the ET conundrum. It's too big, too all encompassing. It has to be divided into small, easily digested edible chunks. People are more likely to support an organization created to fight "Cancer" than an organization created to fight "All Deadly Diseases In General." That has been what gives CAUS a unique attraction. It proposes a specific solution to a definable problem. People can get their teeth into ending government secrecy. Even so, I don't think many believe that if the government disclosed everything it knows, that, in and of itself, would stop a single alien abduction (It might slow the MILAB's a bit). But it is progress -- a step toward a solution to something so big, it's hard to call it a problem just yet. It's like saying -- Being alive is a problem; first you get slapped on the backside, then you get abducted by aliens...and then you die.

The shroud of secrecy has tiny holes that get bigger as time goes by, mostly as a result of "appropriate" actions. I believe that inappropriate action will just seal up those holes.

Why limit our tactics? What if we did the unexpected and extraordinary along with the expected and the ordinary?

We are Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, and therefore are limiting ourselves to what a citizen can do. Armed rebels don't limit themselves in any manner. That's not the group I want to be part of.

Use the Internet to it's greatest possible potential. That is where you get the "biggest bang for the buck" these days. At the rate that it's growing, it will be bigger than TV in three years, bigger than anything on earth three years after that. It will be able to eat a good portion of our galaxy in another three years, then the whole universe. The Internet will be bigger than God in about fifteen years.

Seriously, whether or not CAUS is successful in a traditional court, we can succeed in the court of public opinion -- on the Internet.

4) Justin Starner ( writes:

I think the work that you do and the approach that you are taking to try to release the truth is fantastic, but know this, as long as you do this within the boundaries of the laws that govern this land you will not accomplish that what you seek to do. Those laws that were written by human hands know nothing of UFOs and aliens, and other strange things that go bump in the night so to speak. To undo that which the law has done you must go above the law, around the law, and sometimes under the law. I think you personally more then anyone has come to realize that the government and the courts do not want you to succeed, they do not want you to win and will do everything in their power to stop you. If those that make the law don't have to follow it and go around it, then why should you? Get enough people Peter, people that share the same vision as you. The people make up America, once America realizes what its "great" leaders are doing, the government shall have no choice but to listen to what we have to say. Know what it takes to beat them at their own game..............checkmate.

5) Richard Humphrey ( writes:

You have asked for suggestions quickly yielding the highest profile, over the longest period of time, for CAUS.

The initial conditions appear to be:

1. It is seriously against U.S. public policy to explore the UFO issue in any high profile way that would NOT be consistent with the time scale and content policy script which has been carefully acted and directed since 1947.

2. U.S. public policy objectives have been forcefully, ruthlessly and mechanically achieved with little regard for what is commonly understood as "law," ethics, honesty, or public good.

3. Attempts at applying law as a corrective measure for abuses of government power have consistently failed, and inspire vindictive, clandestine, often sophisticated, retribution.

4. At the moment, the U.S. government is using a de-facto Ministry of Propaganda to rule by herding majority public opinion on major issues and then implementing that majority opinion as legislation and policy. This accomplishes the rule (legislation of law) and reinforces the false illusion of the majority, that they are indeed participants in a self governing democratic republic. Where and when propaganda fails to deliver public opinion, or when events happen too rapidly to use it, authoritarian mechanisms in the classic totalitarian traditions stand ready in the wings to intercede (FEMA, Executive Emergency powers, and recent presidential E.O.'s).

The restated problem:

Under the constraints of the initial conditions outlined above, construct a publicity campaign in opposition to one of the Ministry of Propaganda's important goals (UFO information flow control) which is quickly achieved, highly visible and long lasting.


Short of a staged theatrical production of a saucer with a CAUS logo on it landing in a public square somewhere with midgets in Grey costumes that give an outstanding, long, live TV media interview, and then disappear completely in a poof(!), I haven't any idea. There may be no quality solutions in fact. One thing I know for sure, is that by doing what you are doing, you are slowly and favorably and constructively changing the knowledge equation about UFOs. To ask for anything more immediately, would seem to involve too direct a confrontation with the power structure in America (if not the world), and that is a pretty large windmill. My feeling at this time is that the slow change may be the fastest change, it sure has worked for the Fabians against free men everywhere. In the absence of clear alternatives, do it the way you've been doing except maybe for modifying the legal approach.

6) Emory writes:

It appears that the forces who want to keep the UFO situation "under wraps" controls the news media. Additionally, I'm beginning to wonder if it's possible that the UFO folks have the ability to put forth some sort of energy that has the effect of calming people when the UFO topic is raised. If they have the ability to communicate telepathically, induce paralysis, etc., it would seem reasonable they would also have the ability to do a little mind control.

It seems that use of the Internet is the best way for people who are concerned about the UFO situation to find one another and become a meaningful force.

Regarding attention getters, in the past people have gone on hunger strikes and gained the attention of the press.

Maybe there's someway of combining the power of the Internet with the stark reality of someone starving themselves to death in an effort to raise their fellow man's level of consciousness.

7) Mark Goodale ( writes:

There are 2 ways perhaps to achieve the TRUTH. The most visible means would be to begin whipping up a high profile media blitz. Commercials on the major networks, appearances on all the talk shows... (Larry King... Oprah.. etc..) Major newspaper frenzy.... Get the word out with as much high-profile ooomph as can be achieved. 99% of all the people I know have never heard of you or CAUS, and I do my best to enlighten them, but to truly get results...well, perhaps we could recruit AARP AND the would take a political lobby the size of BOTH of them put together to crack this nut open and air it's contents. One would literally need a "Million Man March" on Washington, consisting fully of a million people. A shout from the populace that would be impossible to ignore. This, of course, would cost MAD money...something very few people seem to have enough of these days. (well, at least in my neighborhood.)

The other alternative is not a pretty one. It's also INCREDIBLY illegal, and those involved would stand a very good chance of being "disappeared" if they were not extremely careful...but it has the potential to produce results beyond any legal means. Get yourself some Hackers. I don't mean run of the mill computer dweebs like me, I mean some serious, high-powered computer intrusion specialists. I know they're out there. I've even had the good fortune to bump into one or two over the years, only to have them vanish just as suddenly. But I am certain...that there are those within the "digital underground" who have the ability, talent, and guts to undertake something like this if they were somehow contacted and assured support. Granted, the NSA would probably go to great lengths to keep such intruders out, but No, and I mean NO system is invulnerable. Anything can be hacked, cracked, and invaded given the right talent and resources.

As you said, Peter, it's all a question of "What would you live for?" and "What would you die for?" If you TRULY wish for the TRUTH, whatever it is, and you are willing to go far enough to obtain it, there are ways of doing so. But I must warn you also. You seem like a wonderful and gentle human being Peter, and as such I would hate to see ill befall you, but you must understand... Be very careful what you strive for. There is always a price. And in a struggle for something as illustrious and worthy as TRUTH... The price may very well be EVERYTHING.

8) Frank Roesch ( writes:

Peter, I agree with you that we need to start taking control of these flyover's. I believe the only way were really going to get any feedback from the government is to tell everyone to start shooting at these aircraft when possible. This is bound to get a response from someone. And since they really don't exist to only thing that we could be charged with is "discharging a firearm."

This should make the government take notice if now they need to worry about these objects coming back with holes in them or worse, crashed in plan view of all of us.

9) Steve Dalziel writes:

I have an idea that could possibly get you the most attention in a short period of time. Why not do what groups like Greenpeace do and stage major protests. Also, why not make spectacles of our selves by climbing towers, trees, buildings and so forth with large banners stating our CAUS! Greenpeace is always on the news when some people make large signs and hang them on prominent downtown sites. Just a thought

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