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Government Program of Denial

Blue Alien writes:

If someone came forward with an authentic, scientifically validated video of an alien craft landing and the occupants exiting the craft meeting with the military or whomever... it could and probably would be debunked and labeled a hoax. That is how well the government program of denial is working.

UFOs are now being videotaped, witnessed and photographed all over the world, and what is the result so far...nothing. The government has the American people shackled and so disinformed that only a mass alien invasion or visitation would be accepted by the majority. The government at one time reported a captured saucer in Roswell. That was their first and last "big mistake".

They do not even need morons such as Philip Klass to do their dirty work for them. UFO groups, ufologists, researchers, witnesses, etc. are disagreeing and ridiculing each other. WE are doing the government's work. All they have to do is sit back and laugh. Divide and conquer.

Maybe "Victor" had a video of a live alien. Maybe some of those alien photographs are real. Lazar, Cooper, Bielek, Gordon, Lear, etc., may be "for real". What does it matter if they are. The government is so powerful and deceptive that they can discredit, ridicule, erase, deny and murder whoever they please. Who is going to stop them? you? me? us?

Friends, there is a very real cover-up going on and a very dangerous entity, the government, keeping it top secret. We need to get back to square one...somewhere around the time the government sold us out for technology. The basics: human life in exchange for alien technology.

It's not about alien spiritual guidance or evolution. I don't think a requirement for spiritual development is the mutilation of cattle and humankind.

Abduction is a criminal act. A violent act, perpetrated by beings with an unknown possibly malevolent agenda. And our government cannot or will not stop it.


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