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I'm a 45 year old consulting engineer, currently a Ph.D. student of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, and my doctoral dissertation is on developing a new generation of powerful spacecraft.  I have come across some disturbing things that might interest you.

Over fifty years ago a group of scientists - my advisor Dr. Broucke among them - gathered together to decided between two theories, which best explained the precession of Mercury's orbit.  Relativity won, but only because Einstein was better liked by all the scientists, according to Dr. Broucke.

The other theory, by Dickie, was based on the principles of celestial mechanics (my field).  It proposed a gravitational anomaly inside the sun, to affect Mercury's orbit the way Earth's equatorial bulge affects low altitude satellites.

What if Dickie's supporters, who were technically correct in their work, continued their researches?  Celestial mechanics is an extremely powerful science.  It has applications in subatomic mechanics, quantum chemistry, and many other fields.  I have an extrapolation of some of the technology that might have evolved on my website at

I've decided that it's not too far fetched that all those saucer shaped UFO's people have seen are man made.  Maybe the Nazis continued their work after Pennemunde was shut down; building a new science along the lines of Dickie's work while the rest of the world delved into Relativity's natural conclusion; nuclear power.  Perhaps the abductions are also the Nazi's doing, and their horrid obsession with experimenting on human beings.  Either way, the Air Force's Project Blue Book knows all about it, and are actively engaged in the cover up.

Speaking of the military, I also have details on my website of how they covered up my very controversial case at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.  Perhaps you can learn something of their methods from the details in my paperback, and in the free screenplay on my website.



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