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Time to Wake-Up


I find it incredible that anyone could condone genetic engineering of our species. If aliens have indeed messed with our genes, maybe they are responsible for the war like nature found in certain humans. I for one believe in peace, universal love for all living things and their right to exist. In addition I believe in self-defense and the defense of our families.

Since we are thinking, feeling, sovereign beings. What gives them the right to take us against our will. To coin a phrase from a famous movie "Nuke Um, lets Nuke The Bastards." Its been my experience that anyone or thing that comes in the middle of the night to do terrible, illegal things to innocent people, cannot have much good will towards them.

If they truly want to help us, let them approach us openly. A truly superior race would probably recommend that we put an end to the world wide monetary system, change from petroleum base economy to a solar, hydroelectric and fusion powered economy.

I don't believe there is anything wrong with human beings. I think sweeping changes in attitudes towards our Earth, our children and our government need to happen. Old fashioned morals like honesty and hard work lead to personal and professional success, turn off the boob tube and teach your kids. Example: Extra marital sex at the presidential level as well as the home level should be a matter of shame and disgust. Continued abuses of the general public by corporations should be treated just like violent crime. After all, they are killing and maiming untold amounts of people and polluting our environment with their lusts for profit. Examples: Love Canal, petroleum products, cigarettes, alcohol, the list is endless...Its time to wake up people! Walk out of the disinformation fog. Lets take a look at what's really happening out there on our beautiful planet.

I will end my rebuttal by stating that I will welcome any alien to call first and then visit me at my home, as a matter of a fact unless their is a city ordinance against it, you may land in my back yard, just call first and I'll make the coffee. But, please come in peace or I'll have my dog "Cody Bear" eat ya!

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