The Rosetta Stone of Modern UFOlogy

Source: A humble contactee

There is a rift in modern Ufology.  Between those that believe in the 1989 John Lear "evil gray aliens that want to eat us" counterintelligence stories, and those that look to the past, to the Sanskrit texts, to the Vedas of ancient India, Vimana craft, the Legends in Celtic Prehistory, etc.  And even too those modern contactees who tell us that Human life is the rule, not the Exception, throughout the cosmos.

I was guided along these lines by the ET's, as odd as that sounds. I can find no other explanation for the events in my life.  I know others do not have the benefit of this guidance, or even sightings or contact, and often I am asked by such people how they can get "proof"..sadly, I do not know for sure, proof came too me one day in the form of an ET scout/drone (or Registering Disk).  And may subsequent events have led me too my current work.

I would say that the Idea that Human life is the rule, not the Exception is the "Rosetta Stone" of Modern ufology, and of our understanding of who we are and our place in the universe.

As far as seeking fame,  If I should happen to have in depth, face too face discussion with our Space Brothers, and if they wanted me to go before the world and speak of what I knew, I would.  As it is, I can only share my research and experiences and leave it to the individual to decide.

I think the whole idea that the ET's are abducting anyone is the first line of defense for the Counterintelligence community, and I feel it is an absolute fabrication designed to hide the true nature of the ET's.  People perhaps are being abducted, but it's not the ET's doing is as far as my research indicates.

Lastly, I will give you a quote I often use when I speak on this subject.  "Stacks of Paper do not an ET presence make."




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