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L. George Daniels writes:

I only just ran across Leah Haley publishing site, Greenleaf Publishing, and I read her clear, impassioned commentary on the sale of the files of her -- and 140 other -- abduction experiences by John Carpenter to Robert Bigelow's NIDS. In this commentary she mentioned the breakup of her marriage, the loss of her job, all due to her abduction experiences, something over which she had no control.

I submit to you there should be an Abductees Rights Alliance.

We have seen various rights movements spring up over the past fifty years, some utterly formidable groups alongside others which have fallen by the wayside. But the elements seem like they are there: academics who could support the claims of abductees with authority, a growing body of clinical evidence, and a public more willing to accept the possibility of visitors and visitations (influenced in no small part by the efforts of yourself). In a political sense, it doesn't seem unreasonable to me this could lead eventually to a significant voting block. Maybe one hand could wash the other to help press the government secrecy issue even further?

The strongest potential problem I could see in a venture such as this would be a lack of unity in the UFO community. The Carpenter/Bigelow sale mentioned above is indicative of just this.

This is a suggestion, but I think one that should be considered. My resources are limited, but I may be able to contribute in a small way.

Would be delighted with your feedback.

Daniel Brenton
("L. George Daniels")


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