What is Reality?

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Have you thought about or considered a fish in a two foot rectangular fish bowl?  He swims around, end to end, side to side.  Perhaps, wondering is this all there is?  Occasionally, he sees a glimpse of something thru the thick glass and distortions.  Was it reality, or his imagination?  Are we fish in someones fish bowl? Or consider germs on a large apple.  They are microscopic.  The apple must seem like a planet to them.  They have thousands of miles, SEEMINGLY to explore.  Rot on the apple must seem like a volcano to them.  When someone walks into the room where the apple is, turns on some lights, it must seem that a sun has risen.  The distances are copmparable to them, as our sun is to us.  Perhaps, we are electronic pulses, being manipulated in someone's computer game. Our reality is what we are able to comprehend. Our interactions are in relation to the forces manipulating us.  What kind of game is it?  How long has it been going on?  When night falls, and sleep comes, does that mean that the computer player tired of the game, put the computer on screen saver (the stars shining) and went on to another game?  How big really is our reality?  Is it similar to the germs on a apple?  Are we really microscopic?  The things under us, ULTRA microscopic?  Is our sun the hot light from someone's microscope?  Things to ponder. The military officer may be closer to the truth than most will ever comprehend.  Or want to know.  I want to know the person behind the microscope.  I have asked Him to set me free.  Someone from out there came here to our world, told us how to escape it, gave a formula, was murdered by us for being so far advanced, then came back, ascended back where he originated from, and said I will be back. His escape formula is found in Romans Chapter 10, verses 9 to 13. Want out of the fish bowl?  You may.  Do what the instructions say to do.  It may astound you.



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