Personal Experience Not Necessary To Be Expert

From: Carolyn M. Myers (

I would like to respond to your member's commentary regarding experts in the field of ufology. The writer states that because these experts may not have personally witnessed an alien craft or been abducted, that they have no legitimate authority to research, lecture or promote in any way the subject. This is absurd. It sounds to me like the writer is frustrated that his own experiences have not gained him the notoriety he desires. Certainly first hand experience allows insight a researcher only dreams of, but great amounts of information are also obtained by thorough research. This information forms a much broader base of knowledge than one abductee/witness can gather through his isolated experience. In fact, personal experience may even taint objective research.

Let's say I went to my local, small airport and spoke with the two or three people giving rides on ultra-lights. Maybe I even take a ride myself. Through my experience I've gathered an ample, but narrow amount of information based on this experience. Am I now more learned in the field of aviation than the researcher who has never been on such a craft or even seen one, but has instead spoken with numerous others who have been on not only them but on jets, passenger aircraft, aircraft carriers, fighter planes? Researchers who have studied for years and at length all the available literature on the field, gathered any and all information, etc? I think not, these experts and what they do are invaluable to their field. In fact we would not be where we are today if it were not for these people. How great it is that the Stanton Friedman's of the world work so hard to promote and educate us in something they may never experience for themselves. I think they should be commended, not silenced.

Or should I tell my pastor to quit his job and become a bartender because he was not there when the bible was written? Should all the great historians also shut up because they were not there when the Mayflower came to this country or when the pyramids were built? Maybe not all abductees wish to be on the lecture circuit, thank heavens we have people like Stanton Friedman and Peter Gersten to stand up and speak out where we lack the ability, knowledge and just plain courage.



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