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Dave writes:

You are welcome to share this information, but please delete my name and e-mail address.

Do you know what hanger number the real Alien craft parts are stored at Wright Patterson AFB ? They have been stored in building 50 & 51 up until the mid 1970's. This information was obtained from the now retired colonel in charge of security classification for the Air Force at WPAFB, who now lives just outside of Houston.

One of the real Aliens was stored at GAFB in Rome NY. for medicial training use. (I know some of the medical staff working there).

The "man made" Alien clones came from a medical division of Bellview, in NYC, these little half humans even came in colors, red, orange, and blue. These young children were wards of the state used as test subjects under the excuse of expermental drug testing. My cousin who was an RN was involved with this during the mid 1960's until 1975, this was funded by CIA of course, (same as NASA). This might explain some of the colored half humans working in NM.

Ft. Drum in Watertown, NY is about to become another secret facility. Thousands of acres of once public land (uncluding most of the Adirondacks) have been taken over by the military in just the last 2 years along with the once public Watertown airport. They already have over a 10,000 ft runway that is being increased in size to 15,000. Seems a little silly for a Mountain fighting helo group don't you think ?

They have a restrictied area called the "Secret City" which is a self contained little town housing the people from AT&T;, and all of the major military aircraft mfg. It's an amazing thing to see, and can only be accessed via underground tunnel, or helo from the base, it is very secure with roving armed guards mounted on Honda 6x6 vehicles. Many of the large so called "Black Triangle" aircraft and small drones UAV's have been seen flying in this area. The nukes are stored to the North guarded by Marines, the Secret City is seperate research facility.

Drum also happens to be one of the bases for the infamous "Black helo's"....they belong to the MJTF by the way, and appear to be controlled by the military. It is also being used for a storage facility for hundreds of brand new UN combat helo's. This is quite a sight to see, hundreds of new super Cobra lined up with the UN logo coverd up on the tail. I took some pictures during my tour there during the summer that can be sent if desired.


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