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Mass Media & UFOs writes:

Its a blessing that people like The Sage and Mike Brainard can express their views for the entire world to read. Society is more open then ever, however our thinking is also more closely controlled than ever.

As an experienced traveler I must retort to the statement by The Sage that man is a warlike, evil entity. People do not make war. Governments make war! Our focus must be kept on the way our government is performing. We must always stand a vigil. Yes, there are evil people out there. But as a whole, I believe man wants a peaceful existence.

We (The people) are not ever at War. But governments are constantly at war. I feel absolutely no desire to kill an Iraqi, do you? If you traveled world wide, you will be received by other peoples according to their customs of dealing with strangers. Yes, you will find government recommendations of how an American is dealt with abroad, some of them not so pleasant. I can tell you that when I've traveled, for the most part I had no trouble getting my needs satisfied (Food and Shelter).

The problems world wide including the issue of UFOs stem from the way we get our information; i.e., mass media. The way that the leaders in mass media seem to ignore the UFO issue leads me to believe that the release of that information is tightly controlled. Example: Connie Chungs untimely release from public broadcasting. When was the last time you heard of a UFO siting on the nightly news? Do you really believe that a Peanut farmer or retired actor could be the president of the united states otherwise? If someone with almost no qualifications to govern, can be elected, doesn't that make you wonder "Who is really in control" ?

With regard to our treatment of the American Indians in the past. It really is a blemish on our souls, racism found in any form is truly an evil. All peoples have the same needs. We are all from the same planet. I think racism is a tool being used by governments and corporations to control our thinking. In the same way religion has been used to focus and prepare us for wars. Remember the old adage "divide and conquer" If our beliefs are factional how can we truly be one people under God with liberty for all.

I encourage all people world wide to take a closer look at what's going on in your own country, before you are convinced by mass media of problems in other countries.

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