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"Be careful please"

Rip Parker ( responding to the CAUS Commentary "CAUS Draws the Line" writes:

I fear you are on the verge of setting something lose that will become a monster beyond control that will do far more harm than you may imagine. You are inspiring antigovernment paranoia and encouraging the trigger-happy, unthinking members of our conspiracy-obsessed public to begin thinking more seriously about radical action, including violence, to get the "truth" about the fly overs.

So far, little harm has been done by the unknown, supposed "ET invaders." Start a shooting war, and lookout. Fools rush in where..., etc.

Consider this possibility: that world governments, including the U.S. gov. and all its secret agencies, etc., may not know really what is going on. Oh, no doubt they know a great deal more than they are telling, that many lies have been told, that cover-up is common, but what if they are only covering up their ignorance of and inability to cope with this "ET" phenomenon?

Would it really be in the National interest for this "truth" to be admitted? Think about it. What if the government does not know the real truth of what's going on? What if the mystery is currently beyond all our human resources to comprehend, much less affect in any meaningful manor?

Would it be in our national interest for the government to admit we are completely at the mercy of this phenomenon, if such might be the case? And, would anyone believe it if the Federal Government were to make such an announcement? And, what would happen if we DID believe it? In other words, what if the "truth" you demand is completely unbelievable or unacceptable?

Is there no reasonable chance that world governments are not conspiring with the "ET invaders" against our best interest?

I am not so naive as to believe the government doesn't routinely lie to us and that it does not know a great deal more than its telling. I am not advocating blind trust in the government just because it is the government. I do believe in active, serious vigilance by the governed to require accountability on the part of our servants at all levels of government. But, I also recognize the danger in paranoid assumptions that a great conspiracy is at work in the heart of our Federal Government that controls industry, the media, and holds us hostage. This is dangerous thinking bordering on the pathological.

We must, as a sentient, self-conscious species, strive first and always to understand the great mystery of our own minds and our personal connections to what we think of as psychic or spiritual or paranormal or whatever you want to call it. There is great creative power and mystery here, lurking in the unconscious minds of each and every one of us. Here is the place to start looking for answers, not in a secret government file or down the site of a rifle pointed at a UFO.

Be careful, please.


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