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Alien Fragments In The Social Order

By Ed Komarek

I have been thinking quite a bit lately on the status of UFO/ET interactions particularly those that seem to be collaborating with governments particularly the US government and the respective elites that essentially control governments.

It is becoming increasing obvious to me that the ETs that seem to be interacting with us are doing so from an age of nanotechnology. We are obviously on the threshold of this age and so could be expected to draw some interest from those well into the nanotechnological age.

One wonders just what these interests would be in a planetary civilization still in the industrial age but entering into the nanotechnological age. Of course one would expect an interest from an advanced race much as we find interest in primitive races of people on earth. One might also expect the developments of alliances and friendships between stellar civilizations and up and coming planetary civilizations.

But these motivations don't seem to fit what we are seeing with ETs that seem to be interacting with the US government and are assisting us in our technological development. This has been bothering me for quite some time. Just why would a group of ETs want to assist our technological development and at the same time interfere in our lives in such intimate ways as with the abductees?

It finally came to me the other day what the answer must be. Along with stellar civilizations which are technologically self sufficient must also be what could be called factions or fragments of stellar civilizations that are not technically self sufficient As we see with wars and natural calamities on earth whole civilizations are destroyed and the remaining fragments migrate and may even found new civilizations by becoming imbedded in other societies. I have found myself reading a lot of history lately.

I think what we have here is a case where one or more fragments of highly technological civilizations are imbedding and integrating themselves into our planetary civilization. The reason is that because the group or groups are small they cannot maintain their technological development and could well find themselves devolving in technological development on their own.

For some reason they are not all being integrated into stellar civilizations. Perhaps because their moral and ethical standards are not high enough in some cases and maybe in other cases they are not mean enough. Whatever the reason, if they cannot integrate themselves into large stellar civilizations they must piggy back a ride on a developing planetary civilization soon to become a stellar civilization large enough to be self sufficient technologically.

Once could call such a relationship parasitic but I think a symbiotic relationship would be a better and more accurate term. They help us advance our technology in return for our acceptance of them and their interference in our society. One would think this operation on their part would have to be done carefully lest the host civilization reject them. Thus the need for initial secrecy and manipulations before becoming secure enough for an overt presence.

In the light of this hypothesis a lot of facts begin to fall into place. Basically our civilization is in the process of accepting an alien civilization fragment into itself. In order to gain acceptance and not outright rejection it is secretly making itself indispensable to those people who pretty much run the affairs on earth by furthering their interests in technological development and control. In other words those that matter from a practical standpoint. :-)

The question here is even though the interests of the elite are being advanced in the short run what will be the outcome for the elite in the long run. "grin" At some point the integration of a fragment of an alien society into our society will be come irreversible.

We only have to look to history for examples where a fragment from a more advanced civilization has difficulties or out right rejection from a larger less developed society. But if not rejected the fragment becomes assimilated into the society at large and the society benefits technologically and otherwise much of the time.

There are other cases in history where advanced societies conquer other advanced societies and in the end one wonders who really conquered who. Some of the most learned Romans were aghast at the conquering of Greece because they knew what would happen to their society when the Romans assimilated the Greek culture.

I highly recommend that UFOlogists study up on nanotechnology and history. Its a powerful combination.


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