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Military Monitoring & Manipulation

Hal Russell ( writes:

RT. is correct in that CAUS has attracted some attention. Further, I believe CAUS is being watched or monitored. Can I prove it? NO, but some things phrased in a certain way which I have sent to you in the past have returned to ME from another route, hence my quietness of late. This method was used several years ago; that is, inserting a phrase in one organization and seeing how far and by what route it promulgated. "Above top secret" is but one of those buzz word phrases.

Is it legal to monitor CAUS? Remember, the liar-in-chief was hung up on the definition of "is." It is "legal" for those in authority, because they don't answer to anyone--I know, this is "supposed" to be a constitutional republic, but, really folks, that fell years ago--we are (REALLY) as RT. says, a corporate-driven bureaucracy. Ask yourself, who won the cold war--don't answer too quickly, it wasn't the US. Look around, watch and listen, and you'll know who won.

Why do I bother emailing you, knowing the likelihood that I'll be monitored? I won't be a part of this organization much longer. I plan to retire and write fiction. But, as you know Peter, there is fiction and then there is FICTION.

Good luck and be careful.

T.N. writes:

I would first like to thank you for your tireless efforts and self-sacrifice on behalf of the truth. However, although your endeavor is indeed a noble one, I fear that you haven't an inkling of the magnitude of the mountain you are attempting to climb. What we face is not the dark specter of hidden conspiracy, manipulation and control as you believe it to is something far, far worse. To equate this leviathan to anything other than pure evil incarnate is to grossly underestimate the foe you face and, as your lawyerly experience has surely taught you, that is the gravest mistake one can make in any confrontation. As you correctly alluded, those in power do not relinquish it unless they are absolutely forced to do so. Oh, by the way, you should know that this particular group of oligarchs will not relinquish anything at all, under any circumstances, even if it meant crawling into their subterranean bunkers and releasing wave after wave of bioengineered plagues upon all of humanity. Bear this in mind, Peter, this is no conjecture on my part! This information came directly from the mouth of my most highly placed contact within the United States government. For his own protection, as I am absolutely certain that each of us is having our civil liberties violated constantly (i.e., Big Brother is reading this), I will only tell you that he has been with a three-letter agency for nearly 40 years.

All that being said, I will offer you up this little plan: Certain individuals of whom I am aware have had full access to large portions of the information that you seek. Given a group of small but highly trained teams (preferably of no more than a dozen men each), one could acquire these individuals for questioning (preferably under advanced interrogation conditions, both physical and psychological as well as biochemical). If orchestrated properly these teams should be able to fulfill the first phase of their mission almost simultaneously. The second phase (i.e., acquisition of the targeted information, on video of course), however, will be governed by individual tolerance to persuasion. The third phase is quite simple: return packages to their points of origin. Immediately upon completion of these tasks, all the videos should be compiled, without editing, released to all media outlets and uploaded to as many websites as is technically possible.

Well, there you go, Peter. That about sums up the first stage of any operations I can envision being successfully undertaken. If you would like to discuss this idea with anyone or have any questions about it for me, feel free to do as you see fit. However, I would genuinely appreciate that you not use my name or email address if, for some reason, you wish to post this anywhere.

Thank you again and God speed, Peter.


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