Peter Davenport's Statement

In an e-mail to CAUS, Peter Davenport, ( the director of the National UFO Reporting Center explains his meeting with federal agents:

Good Afternoon, Peter!

The message from Mr. Mamin is correct. I was approached by employees of the U. S. federal government (I know it's a proper noun, Peter, but I refuse to capitalize it...), who requested a meeting. They first contacted the Hotline at 0738 hrs. (PST) on Monday, 28AP97. At that time, I was preparing to drive home from Spokane, WA, where I had made a presentation to the MUFON chapter from Eastern Washington, headed by Gerald Rowles, who is now State Director.

I returned their call on the morning of 29AP97, and confirmed that they were who they had represented in their message they were. They requested that we meet sometime soon.

We met on the east coast, beginning at 1032 hrs. (EDT) on Friday, 17MY97, and had what was to have been a one-hour long meeting, but which went to four hours nonstop.

At the beginning of their meeting, they made their position vis-a-vis the UFO phenomenon very clear. They represented the following three items in rapid sequence:

1) That the UFO phenomenon is undeniably real;
2) That UFO's are what they appear to be, namely sophisticated craft under some kind of intelligent control;
3) Their "organization" is "worried" about them.

The meeting was to have been dedicated to those reports NUFORC has on file that place alleged UFO's in proximity to commercial airliners. In fact, we ended up talking about many subjects. The subject of principal interest to them was TWA 800. They felt that not all of the information about that accident was getting to the American People.

One question they posed to me, that almost "tumbled my gyros," Peter, was whether I had any evidence on file that would suggest to me that there might be a segment within the U. S. government that was acting in an extraconstitutional manner, and related in any way to the UFO phenomenon (!).

My answer was "No," although I believe I suggested that there was a concerted effort on the part of senior members of the government to keep the minds of Americans off the UFO issue. After some rumination on this incident, it occurred to me that they might be testing to establish whether I subscribe, in a "wholesale" fashion, to the government conspiracy issue.

They requested that I not reveal who they are, or what part of the government they work for, to which I consented. They expressed a strong preference to not have members of the press knocking on their doors.

They were very cordial...very interesting and stimulating conversationalists. Not MIB's, supporting my notion that MIB's are probably a fictional construct.

That's the story... All of this I revealed on Coast to Coast, I believe in June 1998 sometime.


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