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A Citizen Against CAUS

From Charles who wishes to remain anonymous:

Here are some reasons why I think that CAUS is a bad idea and why there should continue to be a coverup of ETs and their technology (including UFOs)

1) There seems to already be enough stress in American sosciety, and if some of the truth about UFOs and aliens was officially released it could trigger a large-scale panic (kind of like what happened with the original Orson Welles' broadcast of "War of the Worlds"). The panic would be worse if people were to fear that their military can't protect them.

2) There could be a longer disruption to society, perhaps eroding peoples' confidence in their ablity to adapt and cope and in their institutions- including fears about severe societal, economic, and technological change.

3) International and national security could be compromised.

4) By not revealing anything about alien technology, the military can use this secret info to give America a gradual technological and economic advantage. In a related sense, satellites, GPS, the internet, etc. started as military projects which were later developed for America's economic & societal benefit.

5) It may be that the encountered aliens might not have the desire, nor have enough in common with humans to be able to offer us enough significant benefits (scientific, economic, etc.).

6) Even if most people knew something about ETs they might not be able to do anything more about the issue than they can do about tomorrow's weather.

7) Even if CAUS sues the DOD, etc. relentlessly there are many ways to keep hiding key info under the rubric of national security.


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