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From: (The Sage)

Dear believers,

I never claimed that "man is a warlike, evil entity," however I do see the potential for humans (and not just men) to overreact and panic in the face of the complete unknown, as they have repeatedly done so in the past. The ETs that have been alleged to be visiting us for umpteen years now, having never had the chance to officially speak for themselves, therefore no one can claim to know the thoughts and intentions of the ETs. Hence it surprises me to no end to hear so many people from "the land of the free and the brave" here in America, condemning the alleged ETs without even hinting at the possibility of a fair hearing or due process. What kind of impression do you think that objective observation is going to leave on any real visiting ETs?

You cannot name a single government that has ever existed that has actually fought one single war. The only thing you'll ever see fighting wars are the civilians being drafted under those governments, specifically, blind-faith obedient followers of that blind-faith religion called patriotism. What happens (to oversimplify things here somewhat) is that some fat politician sits comfortably in their fat governmental throne while giving orders to his followers to join his military and kill "for my country -- right or wrong!". While all these sheeple are being drafted and then putting their life on the line, that fat politician working at his government post keeps getting fatter and fatter along with all the other fat politicians sitting comfortably at their governmental postings. If you practice what you preach, I take it then that you are a draft dodger then?

As for wondering who is really in control then, it is you. It has always been you. You are in complete control; I am in complete control; everyone is in complete control. The real question is, "Who do you give your control and your authority to?" Many people condemn Hitler for the atrocities that he committed against the Jews (although he slaughtered other races as well), but Hitler didn't personally commit any crimes during his tenure in office. It was the people under him that voluntarily sacrificed their own freewill choice in order to be able to blindly follow Hitler's orders without empathy or regard for the consequences of the pain of suffering that their actions would cause. Without this voluntary following, Hitler could issue all the orders he wanted to, but they would have had no effect. No, what Hitler needed was blind-faith followers, people willing to give up their free will choice, their free will control, "for the good of their fellow man and for the good of their country." Hitler's most successful tool in helping to promote his blind-faith beliefs was the mass media.

I don't regard mass media with much respect (for many reasons which I won't go into here), so it doesn't matter to me what the mass media reports or does not report. I mostly visit the CAUS site regularly for my UFO news, because in my opinion it is the most (the only?) balanced and least irrational approach I've seen on the subject so far. Everyone else has their ET agendas and their New Age ET philosophies and I am not looking for yet another person to tell me what I should or should not think, I can do that all by myself, thank you. And I don't have to tell you what I really think about the ET/UFO phenomenon, because I've already told you what I really think and there is nothing in what I've expressed that even hints at a mass media influence. All my thoughts are my own.

Someway, someday we are going to have to make contact with sentient ET life forms out there in the universe, and I say the sooner, the better. Why is that? One word: Evolution. Therefore, like I've said before a million times before (and hopefully if ETs are visiting us, they are also monitoring the Internet and therefore have seen my offer a million times before), I would like to extend a warm welcome to any and all visiting ETs reading this thread -- they are all welcome to my home as my friend -- kick your shoes off and sit back and make yourselves feel at home in my home, after your long and probably treacherous journey to earth. This has been for some time now, and still is, my nonviolent, nonjudgmental, peaceful, and good nature philosophy towards ETs...what's yours?

The Sage


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