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The UFO Mystery is Over

Ásgeir Valur Sigurðsson writes:

It is my personal belief that the UFO mystery is over. Several weeks ago it was revealed that the British Ministry of Defense has declassified two reports revealing an altogether different policy regarding public concerns for UFO´s. The court concluded this was illegal and a chemist sued the agency for deliberately withholding UFO information from the mass media and the public.

The most serious allegation about the UFO cover-up is however a frightening issue that does not relate to this charge. It is namely that official government -- related organizations have used violence against public individuals, innocent members of the public in general and the scientific community and other bodies which rightfully deserve to investigate the physical evidence for UFO existence that has so far been kept secret from the public.

We, the people of the world, no longer want the reports -- we want the proof itself. The reports are endless and can come and go, but the proof is all the scientific community and the public in general has been asking fore. Therefore it is my personal belief that CAUS should undertake a moral responsibility for dealing with the law side of the UFO - issue - UFO´s now belong to the court and to the scientific community for analysis.

The crime to withhold information about the greatest scientific discovery of all time since Galileo´s discovery regarding the motion of the planets around the sun, is the greatest crime in the history of humankind. It is in my opinion an unforgivable crime, and anyone who so far participates in the crime can be attributed as a participant in the greatest and most ungodly act ever committed against humanity and it should be regarded that this crime be treated as more, far more indeed, serious, than ever the Holocaust of Jews and poles and other nations committed by the nazis during World War II.

Therefore I would like CAUS to stop playing around with details such as reports proving the presence of an alien intelligence among us, and concentrate on the more serious issue that is the physical proof that will substantiate the reality for such a phenomenon.

In the year 1997, a Pentagon official declared that the United States Military had obtained physical proof to substantiate the reality of extraterrestrial life and intelligence and used violence by any possible means to withhold information about this fact. That includes the death of at least one nurse. Several months ago the scientific community of France, the Space Agency and related bodies, had concluded UFO´s to be real and the extraterrestrial hypothesis to substantiate the best explanation so far.

It is my belief therefore that all individuals who have participated in the greatest crime committed in human history did so by denying that this crime had ever existed in the first place, and saying that there is no life beyond this planet than complex molecules is a crime committed by man against God. Every living being in the universe stands equal before God, and denial of other beings that have evolved on other worlds that God created in his image, should be understood as a violence committed against His Creation.

Ponder this wisely,

The UFO matter now belongs in my opinion to NATO and as a crime to NATO only, and should therefore be treated in terms of such a speculation. Every country that has participated in this crime within NATO should therefore be considered to have committed a very serious act. If I am right, may God forgive those sons of bitches in charge of this crime, for I never will.


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