Fastband Globalcast a cover? by Kecyrk Xela contributor for Third Planet View

Fastband Globalcast a cover? According to information obtained through a contact at another one of those hush-hush government agencies, the acronym, FBGC, would better describe Federation of Biological and Galactic Containment. What am I talking about? Follow this:

S. George Djorgovski, professor of astronomy at California Technical Institute's Polamor Laboratories, has recently made world headlines for his confession that he has been unable to identify a mass cluster situated in the skies off of the West Coast of the United States. Professor Djorgovski, aided by his loyal assistant, Roy Gail, graduate student, have supposedly been studying the unusual formation for months now, and have finally released a press statement that conceded they were unable to identify the mass. As well, the notion was entertained that perhaps the cluster was of extraterrestrial origin, and no denial was offered up in return on the professor's part. The perpetration of yet, another smokescreen by our United States government--allowing the minds of citizens to be manipulated by a he-said/she-said game resembling 'let's not say anything and just let them wonder.' Actions of plausible denial as such have been taken for years to allow superficial wonder to mask true intentions of underground workers in correlation with in intergalactic force greater than our comprehension.

Now, let's rewind to a time about five years back when the Honorable Professor enlisted a group of twelve of these like-minded individuals--those in power with money to forge ahead with attempts at extraterrestrial contact. Previous contact measures were funded but then dropped when it appeared that the effort was fruitless and the expenses for the satellite equipment began to exceed the moneys allocated for such research. Armed with an improved design of such measures, Professor Djorgovski approached a separate panel years later with his latest brainchild: that the construction of various Earth substations scattered in highly volatile locations, beginning with the first 'child'--a dish called CM-925. CM-925 was constructed and planted on the West Coast outside Paso Robles amidst a standard of everyday satellite contractors used by state and local news and radio stations. However, the interest in CM-925 began to waiver when the project seemed to run dry and questions were raised about the ability of such an instrument to make desired contact in the first place. Funds were cut off over the course of eighteen months as investors pulled their finances. Though the dish remained, it became inactive only two years after it's conception.

Skipping across the nation to Covington, Louisiana, Dr. Louis Pratt, founder of Paradym Health Concepts, had a leftover interest in the project. Professor Djorgovski was an old school chum forty years past and knew of the strength in his old friend's convictions.

Having been approached previously by Djorgovski, Pratt had denied his friend the necessary funding, not believing in the agenda of the other investing parties. However, with the opportunity to help mold the project, his interest was renewed and he eagerly spoke with Djorgovski about his dream to build GC-1. Having small remaining respect from his previous business partners, the Professor jumped on this offer and spoke with Pratt in great detail, thus implementing the plan to build FB-1 in October of 1996. The dish was housed in Covington, the least obvious of the two location possibilities, under the guise of being an Internet server for the local area. Ironically, a side effect of the project was an incredibly clear reception, and the side project of the FB-1 project, the Internet service, thrived. FB-1 was masked effectively by a better known local name, FastBand. Operations ran relatively smoothly for eight months before government officials stepped in. Demanding explanation for the complex satellite contactors and desiring past payment for the necessary licensing for running an operation of such intense, far reaching capabilities, the officials threatened to cease operations altogether by the duo if not granted certain privy into their findings. Hence, a 'partnership' of sorts was formed with the Feds. Under the creed outlined by the Department of Defense, the project title expanded and became classified under FBGC, or Federation of Biological and Galactic Containment.

Reading from the classified report, it was in October of 1998 when "...and other existence was confirmed to be making predictable visitations at various specified 'hot spots' on this globe. It became apparent that contact had been established with this race of unearthly beings, and, that they were entirely unlike the previous contacts with the Puedam Entities. This is a vital discovery--that we may be recipient of two such simultaneous visitations might mean that there are many others visiting and interacting on this Earth beyond what we are versed in..." Mention of the Puedam Entities means that a known force is interacting with planetary designates already, much as what has been suspected, but the report is haunted with fearful images that there may be a separate entity, and that such an entity could pose possible threat. Theories ranged from speculation that the second organization of beings may be targeting this planet for scientific study, much as the Puedam Entities, to the opposite end of the spectrum. The report was sprinkled with phrases that included mention of hostile behaviour to global takeover and wasn't at all mild about spelling out the importance of monitoring the progress of such potential groups.

Acting immediately upon the given information, Professor Djorgovski moved that more of such stations be constructed immediately and placed in these designated global hotspots where contact has been most frequent. Such equipment would dominate world technology in accordance and with complete cooperation of world leaders. The move toward

Government grows one step closer...

With the confidence of the United States Government to back them, Djorgovski and Pratt set out to acquire properties in said areas via FB wonderboy, Andrew Spanswick. Spanswick is well-traveled and appreciated by the governments involved, and seemed to be the natural choice for global contacts and contracts. Intense sessions convened regarding this expansion--there were people to be answered to, predominately the former investors of the failed CM-925 project. Therefore, the concept of a global Internet radio station was implemented to mask the frantic construction that was taking place. According to a press release overseen by Spanswick, the net station would be based in New Orleans temporarily, then span around the world to insure coverage in various world zones. However, there is no rhyme or reason to the selection of such, and, when more hot-zones were discovered, an addition of six more locations was added to the list now growing heartily. Liscensure for the following was acquired: Edinburgh, January 15, 1999; Amsterdam, January 21, 1999; Sydney, February 25; Rio de Janeiro, March 2, 1999. Once, when put on the spot during a press conference, Spanswick was asked why he'd chosen these locations due to the fact that they weren't lateral coordinates. He only answered regarding the Edinburgh location, replying that it was the place where the millennium would begin. However, that is untrue, the millennium, as everyone knows, will begin in Scotland, but in Aberach. He could not account for the rest of the locations but for to say that they had established very good connections in those areas. The problem is, he didn't specify whether these connections were of Global humanity or extraterrestrial.

So "FastBand GlobalCast" rolls on, the talent commissioned only but clueless to the project's true operation. In fact, one 'scoop' claimed that a potential announcer was hired and then later given the ax when it was discovered that he was a former employee of Richter Laboratories in Syracuse, New York--a secondary astronomy unit concerned with extraterrestrial contact which had never been successful in the first place. This raised new concern with security measures in the processes being utilized for acquiring employees for the 'dummy' side.

Extensive screening measures were taken from that point forward. One would wonder why the units remain as of yet, unmanned with no sense of urgency about placing the talent at their intended locations. It is the believed intention of the Federation of Biological and Galactic Containment that the talent will be dismissed inside of the year, leaving the various stations vacant under the presumption that FBGC has recalled their plan for Internet globalcasting. This would give Djorgovski and Pratt permission to continue the project, given that the equipment will already be in place for the supposed "Globalcast" project.

Djorgovski has recently received media attention for his inability to identify the mass formation hovering above the West Coast. Is it a coincidence that such a formation made itself apparent during a series of supposed beta testing whereupon all stations were utilized sending out various undisclosed tones? During this time viewers who attempted to access the site were given unidentifiable error messages. The increased publicity push for the dummy side--the broadcast side of will peak while the cluster of unexplainable objects is dealt with using various mediums. That congestion of signals will be explained away by the hordes of supposed listeners that are attempting to tune in. Net congestion never had a better excuse.



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