Monitoring Gary Lowery's Encounters

From: Phil Reynolds (

I encouraged FUFOR and certain MUFON state directors years ago to develop a setup to monitor abductee homes. They were more interested in hypnosis and anecdotes than vetting their sources and collecting scientific data. There's lots of other sensors you can add if funds permit. But even one camera with no safeguards would be interesting, if not conclusive.

Here are my suggestions:

1) Dedicated phone line

2) Uninterruptable power supply - for computer and cameras

3) Streaming video, if possible

4) Real-time video feed

5) Dedicated web site - password protected

6) The subject shouldn't be able to access the host computer or camera controls

7) The subject shouldn't know which cameras are on, or when they are on

8) Have multispectral cameras (High/low infrared) Black & white as well as color... low lux or night vision.

9) Different sensors. One camera inside the closet focused on a compass and thermometer - much cheaper than electronic instruments. One outside with the same in field of veiw.

10) Suggest a laser pointer be shined across the threshold and a camera focussed on that as well. Mirrors could reflect the beam at multiple angles. Perterbation would be easily seen.

11) A dummy switch on the outside clearly labelled "ON/OFF." When "ON" it is off and vice versa. When on it would turn on audio - to foil hoaxing.

12) If you get serious money from say a billionaire real estate developer or some such person, go for gravimeters and acoustic sensors and unitize the package.

13) Include mercury switch to detect someone moving the equipment.


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