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My name is Giorgio Piacenza and I'm a UFO researcher born in Lima, Perú. I'm writting this letter because I believe it is time for the English speaking world to learn some things about a long standing contact group that, broadly speaking, offers the possibility of a more civilized type of contact and an easier/wholesome channel for humanity to gradually join our cosmic neighborhood. Although it's said that this particular contact effort actually began some 4,200 years ago, tecnically speaking, the current phase of "Mission Rahma" began in Perú with a group of young students in January of 1974.

The name of the group was suggested by the extraterrestrials during the initial contact experience in the desert of "Chilca", some 50 miles south of Lima. "Ra" stands for the Sun and the Primordial Light that we are to reflect and shine with our personal examples upon "Ma", the Earth. The "H" was adopted to represent humanity.

Complex "historical" information about the Universe, first colonizations of Earth, the original reasons for creating the human race, the Luciferian rebellion, the members of our benign intergalactic neighborhood, and other important information was telepathically received by Sixto Paz Wells and other "antennas" in the initial phase and it is still being received now.

"Mission Rahma" contact groups now exist in at least 15 countries, including, Chile, Spain, Mexico and the US. I can testify from personal experience and research that there are genuine contact experiences going on, inspired by an altruistic spirit and a sufficiently balanced outlook not devoid of self correcting mechanisms and reason. I can testify of the sincerity of most of the participants, in spite of their personal shortcomings.

Although most persons in groups working under the name of "Mission Rahma" have a definite new age style metaphysical bias connected to a judeo-christian basis, I believe that as a contact group, it cannot be considered to have a fanatical basis.

It may well be that certain "teachings", as received and interpreted in this group, are close to a benebolent cosmic outlook shared by many of the friendlier civilizations visiting and intervening upon the Earth, civilizations that in the past commited mistakes in their struggles to counteract the actions of still other groups of civilizations.

It may also be necessary for humankind to realize the importance of contacting these friendlier civilizations and not delving excessively in what could be upsetting aspects of the contact experience at large, aspects such as abductions without prior agreement, government secrecy and tecnologies used to manipulate and control.

The Mission Rahma contact groups have been fueled all these years by enthusiastic volunteers from many countries, some under the telepathic guidance and messages of 49 benebolent and respectful extraterrestrials from various star systems and density levels. Their message is of hope for humanity and their program of contacts is gradual. In order not to be confused by the subconcious mind or fantasy, an attempt is often conducted to analyze, and even, simultaneously receive the psychographic and telepathic messages, that are sometimes validated by unequivocal sightings.

During all these years, a considerable number of persons in these groups have had the opportunity not only of clearly witnessing maneuvering and even landing ET spacecraft, but have also undergone initiations inside ocassionally visible domes of energy called "Xendras".

Mission Rahma was organized under the direction of Sixto Paz Wells from Perú, but since the official dissolution of the headquarters in Perú in 1990, branches throughout the world have been acting independently and the contact still continues. Adhering to an aspect of new age thought, individual and group healing meditations are held in order to affect positive changes in physical and consciousness levels on a worldwide scale. As taught in the telepathic messages, the emphasis of contact experiences is foremost with our inner self and only secondarily with extraterrestrial entities whose craft have only very ocassionally been filmed or photographed.

Some current major physical contact experiencers within Mission Rahma are now getting closer to other benebolent beings that have worked together for a very long time with many of the extraterrestrial entities. These contacts are physical, but are also taking place on many other inner levels (and only after much ethically based and self effacing disciplined efforts). They are ocurring with previously unknown members of the White Brotherhood that live in underground temples in parts of the jungle of South America and Lake Titicaca.

Although, as is to be expected, many individual and interpretative mistakes were commited by various members of many groups throughout all these years, the original spirit behind Mission Rahma still lives on, gradually gaining insight on what is real and leaving behind earlier forms of excessive enthusiasm and fanaticism.

What follows is a list of some web pages with small variants of interpretations about the meaning of Mission Rahma. Some of these web pages are begining to include English text since the language barrier has proven an effective delay barrier to integrate information of contact experiences accross cultures.

I hope that the 21st Century is accompanied by a higher degree of collective maturity in researchers and those inclined to seek alternative information in its many aspects. I also hope that the psychological barriers erected by the emotional and intellectual rejection of cultural attitudes that differ from our own are, sufficiently overcomed in order to affect a valid integration of the deep and complex meanings of a universal human and transforming situation called "the contact experience".

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