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Kent Ireton ( writes:

This is a cc: of an e-mail I recently sent to President Bill Clinton:

Dear Mr. President,

There is a growing awareness and a credible body of evidence concerning unidentified flying objects, or UFO's, that seem to suggest that we are being visited by a higher intelligence. I realize that some of what is being reported are natural phenomenon, some are military aircraft, some are hallucination or fabrication. But...there are many, many sightings and observations from credible, trained observers who see objects that defy known principles of flight and gravity. This simply cannot be disputed. There are many others who have claim to have seen or have associated these craft with alien beings from another planet. There are other phenomenon that may or may not be related such as crop circles and the alien abduction experience.

Please, Mr. President, I implore you as we are approaching the year 2000 and the end of your presidency, to reveal to the public what our government knows about this phenomenon. I have heard positive statements on your part in the past, including reforming the freedom of information act, that would encourage citizenry to get involved and seek answers. Please don't leave office without more directly revealing the truth. I'm certain that you know more than you've been allowed to tell us. The American public, and indeed the citizens of the world are ready. Whether this is good news or threatening news, we need to know. I do not believe the predictions of mass hysteria. We are already vastly interested and to some extent aware as can be witnessed by popular films such as Independence Day and Men in Black. The world wide web is a deep well of collective conscience on this subject. We as citizens, can not longer accept that our government is simply either 1) unaware of the phenomenon or 2) knows but won't tell us. Either scenario is unacceptable.

I belong to and support and organization called CAUS. Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. I would encourage your administration to coordinate efforts on opening up the books with CAUS. The CAUS mission is formed upon four principles:

1. CAUS believes that this planet, and the people on it, are interacting and in contact with a non-human form of intelligence;

2. CAUS is against any and all secrecy surrounding, involving and relating to this contact;

3. CAUS believes that the people have an absolute and unconditional right to know about this contact; and

4. CAUS believes that it is through the judicial process that the truth will be set free and secrecy ended.

Thank you for your concern and attention to this matter. To end the mellenium with such a revelation would truly be a fitting capstone to a great presidency.



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