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EDITOR'S NOTE: The following commentary by CAUS consultant Larry W. Bryant consists of his DRAFT of a key element in his planned legal action against the Commonwealth of Virginia. As he proceeds to collect and apply the appropriate evidentiary material for completion of this action, he welcomes readers' comment upon this posting (and encourages like-minded activists in other states to pattern their own petition language after this offering).

In re Larry W. Bryant, et al. (Petitioners) vs. James S. Gilmore III (and his successors), Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia (Respondent)

Petition for Writ of Mandamus, for Mandatory Injunction, and for Declaratory Relief -- in Re Larry W. Bryant, et al. (Petitioners) vs. James S. Gilmore III (and his successors), Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia (Respondent)


Petitioners pray that this court --

-- 1. Order the respondent to immediately --

(a) Convene a Virginia state special grand jury, within this court's jurisdiction, to investigate, identify, and report upon the scope, impact, perpetrators, and methodology of this clandestine invasion.

(b) Appoint a task force within the Virginia Department of State Police to promptly begin collecting, analyzing, and publishing all available intelligence (including technical, medical, forensic, and military-originated documentary evidence) as regards the history, trends, threatening nature, and projected outcome/consequences of the invasion.

(c) Direct the Virginia National Guard to promply establish, operate, and publicize a quick-reaction force to respond to and repel all current and future reported occurrences of the above-defined invasive activity as perpetrated by these non-human/humanoid/alien entities yet to be apprehended and brought to justice.

(d) Announce and afford to the invasion's victims all victims-rights counseling, comfort, and protective measures commensurate with those extended to any other Virginia citizens victimized by criminal activity.

(e) Coordinate with the Virginia attorney general to promptly begin a plan of action for encouraging and helping the attorney general of the United States to comply with the mandate of Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution as regards the federal government's duty to protect all the states from invasion.

-- 2. Enjoin the respondent, his staff, and his successors from continuing to be derelict in their constitutional and statutory duty not to ignore the petitioners' grievance and beseechment in this matter.

-- 3. Declare the respondent's dereliction of duty to be harmful to the interests, expectations, and welfare of the body politic; to be subject to current and future review and remedy by the court; and to be negatable by his full, timely, and sustained compliance with the pertinent orders of this court.

-- 4. Grant the petitioners such further relief as may be deemed proper and complete by the court.


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