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Dr. Steven Greer - Mostly Hot Air

The following two commentaries are from members who wish to remain anonymous since each is prominent in the UFO field. CAUS will respect their wishes, but believes it is a sad day when some people refuse to stand behind their own opinions...for whatever reason. All comments will be forwarded to the respective members.

1) G.J. writes:


"Grays that I know that exist are artificial biological life forms that are made out at a facility in New Mexico named Dulce..." "I have people who can confirm this..." - Dr. Steven Greer's Conscious Life Interview

Think about this -- we have been shown less evidence substantiating Dr. Greer's claims than by any mainstream UFO/ET researcher -- no photographs, no videos and no witnesses. Purportedly he has 200 witnesses, but Dr. Greer offers zero corroboration to back-up statements that abductions do not exist and that he possesses insider information. Attendees (name available) at the recent UFO Congress reported after his speech he filibustered questions until time ran out.

We are left with year after year of unfounded claims. This is adverse for Ufology. Together you are the only four people who can either vet Greer's claims or bring final conclusion to this folly.

2) L.L. writes:

The more I get into Greer's book, the more I realize that he doesn't know anything that could be supported with evidentiary material. It would be useless, and embarrass him personally, to depose him.

One of the phrases Steve uses over and over again is "going out on a limb" before he makes a statement. I have determined what he means by that is that he is making claims for which there is no support. Additionally, it is clear from his own statements that he might have had conferences with "high level officials" - appointments gotten "through the back door" with help of "friends." My guess is that with all the letter writing he was doing to President Clinton, UN Secretaries, etc., etc., there were high level officials who wanted to know who this guy was and/or whether he might be useful to their purposes. Some of the interviewees might have just been very polite to the "country doctor." In the same way that there are people in our government charged with knowing "potentials."

Bottonline: His book looks to be a very long advertisement for CSETI membership.

Along side reading Greer's book, I am reading Domenico Nesci's book called "The Lessons of Jonestown: An Ethnopsychoanalytic Study of Suicidal Communities." I am into the chapter on the "syncytial group" which is lead by a selfless "placental leader." On a very critical abstract level CSETI and Peoples Temple have a lot in common with regard to structure and relationship with the leader; membership requirements, etc. If you were going to start a religion/belief system which claimed to be The Way To Make Contact With Aliens, you would use the Jimmy Jones model to acquire members. Greer does, even down to the claim with regard to producing "miracles," i.e., contact with "aliens."


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