Not-so-Intelligent Visitors

By: The Sage (

Don't you find it kind of odd that the ultra-intelligent creators of the crop circles, were completely unable to create fractals, mandelbrot or julia sets appeared until long after *we* invented them ourselves? Whoever the creators of the crop circles are, they lag far behind our own knowledge of math. Before that time, the 'visitors' or 'aliens' or whatever anyone wants to call them, only were sophisticated enough to create crop circles that were simple elementary shapes. Why do they 'visitors' copy us instead of taking the initiative to display some real superior intelligence by inventing something before we do? If there is any intelligence behind the crop circle makers, then obviously they aren't anymore intelligent than we are -- but is it any wonder? What I mean is, there is nothing in any crop circle or alien abduction message that we already didn't know beforehand. Can't they tell us anything new or beyond our own intelligence? Anyone can tell that humans are ruining the earth, that they are violent and uncivilized for the most part, and most are not capable of very high reasoning -- we don't need the 'visitors' or 'aliens' or whatever anyone wants to call them to tell us that. The real problem is that we don't know how to go about changing ourselves in order to fix the problem. Why don't they help us with that? But I know exactly why the 'visitors' don't give practical solutions, because they aren't real, because they are imaginary creatures of our own making and we cannot create something from our own imagination that knows more than we do. Crop circles and their mathematical abilities that lag 10 years behind our own is further proof of this fact.



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