The Great Deception

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It is interesting that we are coming around to the thinking mentioned in your 9-8-01 article posted on the site on Sunday.

The Holy Bible speaks of a great deception that is to be sent on the human population in what it calls the last days.  It also says that millions if not billions of demons cast down to the earth at a time near or before the creation of the human race.  Jesus says the He saw Lucifer like lightning fall from heaven.  I believe that the Bible is God's revealed word and that while we may not understand it in all of its depth (and in a phrophetical sense that is by design) we can see trends and sign posts of things coming.

Suppose that this is part of a deception being set up to fool the world by Satan, ushering in the last "era" of our world before some mentioned final scene before the return of Christ to the earth.  So far, in my life, I have found the Bible true in every point that I have contacted it.  I believe this or some other great deception that will fool almost the entire world and almost even "God's elect" or chosen ones.  It must be a great deception...special appearances, powers, maybe holograms par excellence.  Wouldn't an alien race coming to earth, but much like us with a whopper of a story about previous contact and genetic alterations and contact with primitive world religious leaders like Jesus Christ, especially with a show of power convince most of the world that can be fooled by the poor political maneuverings of even the US politicians.  We really are taken for fools and will be at the last in a much greater way.  Satan will try to convince us that he is the real god.

One thing that the Bible says is that Satan is almost as powerful as God Himself, just not quite as powerful.  How much he can do is somewhat unknown.  But the book of Job says that the natural and physical disasters brought upon Job were actually done by Satan,  God just allowed him to do it.

Thanks for reading this.  It is just food for thought.  Sort of, "Keep this in the back of your mind and see what develops."



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