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To: Letters to the Editor, The Daily Press, Newport News, VA

From: Larry W. Bryant (

September 1, 1999

When, on his way home from work in the wee hours of Jan. 18, 1967, a Chesapeake TV-shop owner encountered an occupied "flying saucer," little did he expect that this classic "UFO abduction" would fuel a controversy now reaching its peak with the prospect of a lawsuit against Virginia Gov. James Gilmore for his failure to acknowledge and to repel this invasion of our air space and private space.

And little did the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation expect that the victim of this abduction would come to haunt its vast collection of UFO-related files dating back to the fifties. The formal memo relaying the encounter to FBI headquarters notes no derogatory information about the victim.

Indeed, the document stands as credible evidence that such agencies as the Bureau long have been dead-serious in collecting hard-core evidence of UFO reality and of citizens' nonconsensual encounters with these humanoid UFO occupants as described in the memo.

As legal efforts move forward at the federal level in Arizona to compel the Departments of Justice and Defense to protect all the states against this form of "invasion," citizens across Virginia now have the chance to join me in compelling Gov. Gilmore to faithfully execute the law of the land (via both the U.S. and the Virginia constitutions) so as to defend and protect our independence, safety, and security.

Accordingly, if you know of any Virginia-based victims of so-called "UFO abductions" willing to put their accounts into affidavit form, please have them contact me immediately. This goes for any Virginians who, during the past 36 months, have witnessed the fly over of mysterious "black triangular craft" in their neighborhoods.

Armed with this evidence, I can petition the appropriate circuit court to issue a writ of mandamus against our governor's dereliction of duty -- and in the process help that Chesapeake man's story speak for itself.


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