The Universal Seal

Source:  Carden B. Henn

I have a little info for you from one man's perspective and experience, mainly mine.

I had a major experience with a UFO along with my foster brother and a friend of ours out in a boat when we were 17. I am now 53. It's old news but what came of it is not.

I tried to tell my story (which we never reported out of fear of stigma) to Whitney S. but I think he thinks I might be a crackpot or that my story is trivial. I get the feeling that he has become quite caught up with his version of things.

Our aliens were not Grays but were Human in every respect and I believe from a higher technology, but I can't be sure.

We were on the lake and suddenly were walking up to the campground unsure of how we got off the lake.

The ship was a sphere. On the side was an equilateral triangle in a circle with a dot in the center. This symbol is a universal seal that goes back to perhaps beyond the dawn of man.

It takes a compass to correctly create this symbol. It connects us with math and geometry which are the universal languages that connects all things. This is why crop circles are always geometrical and always will be. It is their knowledge. It is their language. It brings balance to all things and reflects the universe as a whole.

They have been trying to get us to integrate it into our everyday thoughts. It is a reminder to us of our past and our future.

This symbol when inverted upon itself forms the,"Star of David " which is not a Jewish Symbol at all but an early Chaldern on that the Hebrews usurped when they overthrew the Chalderns in the old testament record. (see a book on ancient amulets at library) This "Star of David " as it's called forms the MATRIX for the clock, the color wheel and the 12 scales of music. ( I know because I am a Piano tuner technician) The clock = time, the color wheel = light frequencies and the 12 scales of music =- sound. Sound = Ears (hearing) Light = eyes (color) The Clock gives a way to schedule and keep track of our lives.

These are only three of the seven applications of this symbol. Each of those seven branch into seven more.

I have not talked about the knowledge they shared with us for 36 years now. Though we are still considered off the wall by an unbelieving world, the truth is the truth.

When the Hebrews usurped this symbol and put it on their flag, it became a symbol of nationalism and all that went along with it faded. It connects so many things physical, mental and spiritual that there are not enough words in the world to adequately express the depth and scope it expresses.

Thank you for letting me into your world even if it's for a moment.

I am the "Gate Keeper " There is no .............." KeyMaster "



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