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Request for PCE online forum/assistance group discussion. writes:

Have been in search of discussion/encouragement group for years! an anonymous environment (such as online) to help process my very, very conscious recall (which I have refused to "open up" for hypnotist I was referred to by MUFON). The procedures that I was put through are not something I want to revisit. It is not just a "benign" or friendly, exploratory-style experiment that some highly advanced civilization is conducting on us.

My encounters were with more gruff, " ... just doin' our job, lady ..." worker-types who (a.) are not, in all ways, so highly advanced; (b.)have no understanding of what they are causing us psychologically; (c.) bicker among themselves quite often, resulting in the "supervisor" or lead-visitor having to intervene; (d.) will stop at nothing -- that I'm aware of -- incredibly patient [timing-wise], persistent, harassing, uncaring & mostly NON-communicative unless they are interrogating me -- then, they try anything to get answers; (e.) leave debilitating, life-altering anatomical changes in and on our bodies.

Consequently -- whoever has gone through these procedures, whether female or male, needs the proposed Online Forum that CAUS' posting from Sue (channeler?) suggests. Please count me in, not as a lab-rat (like They do), but as woman-to-woman or abductee-to-abductee. It's not even necessarily an abduction, per se, as in a kidnapping and taking off to another galaxy in a shiny disk; some of us are visited and "worked on" (or worked over) right where we lay, with any "travel" being the too-frightening-to-talk-about invasion of our consciousness by means of some kind of interdimensional twist of events, i.e., they just appear, from the hallway/around the corner/middle of a room -- no flying or hovering craft involved; the paralyzing fear gives way to some unimaginable "reality" that guarantees you will not talk about that at the office next day ...

Some of us have gone through so much, over a lifetime -- as she said, since age 12 (or puberty); some have lingering ailments that are mis- or un-diagnosed for decades, relative to what was done to us or the trauma that occurred psychologically. A normal, human-human/husband-wife reproductive cycle is stressful enough in many ways, but to add some "interdimensional"(?) beings into the picture ... well, it takes its toll, especially when the day comes that it begins to flood your conscious recall!

Please DO begin this proposed online forum/assistance group discussion.



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