The Silencing of Gary Lowrey: Greed, Stupidity, Treachery or all of the above?

“Once upon a present time in a not-so-far-away place, a man is experiencing weekly visitations by some very strange creatures.  One day the man receives a present. The present is a package containing a gag and a spray can of skunk scent.  The note reads ‘for instant fortune place gag over mouth and spray contents of can over body. If you tell anyone about this present you will forfeit your fortune.’ It is signed ‘A friend.’ Naively the man follows the note’s instructions and even though the gag is tight and he starts to smell funny, he doesn’t tell anyone about the present. Shortly thereafter the visitations stop. Years later the man is still waiting for his fortune.” –from “Parables of the UFO Community”

Several weeks before the Bay Area Expo in August, Gary Lowrey, a Bakersfield Fire Safety Officer, contacted me after numerous failed attempts to get the attention of other well-known organizations and persons in the UFO field.  After listening to his story about his ongoing encounters with strange insectoid-type creatures in his home, and based upon his possession of certain physical evidence, I agreed to represent him both as an attorney and also in a joint venture to get the truth out.  Though Lowrey was forthcoming in stating that he wants to help his family financially with the information and evidence he possesses, he assured me that his primary motivation is to share his ongoing encounters with the world and hopefully learn some answers as to what he and his family are experiencing.  My part of our agreement included my successful efforts to get him national attention through my organization CAUS, my workshop at the Bay Area UFO Expo, and my frequent appearances on Mike Siegel’s Coast to Coast Radio show as well as other projects and forums that were being planned.

After speaking with Lowrey over the course of several weeks, I came to believe that the Bakersfield California family represents one of the best cases of contact because of the confirmatory physical evidence, the believability of the witnesses and the continuous nature of the experiences.  Unfortunately because of the greed and selfishness of several people, Lowrey is temporarily silenced and his credibility forever compromised. 

Last Saturday, give or take a day, Gary Lowrey, after being told by a self-styled “Hollywood producer” that there was no need for him to consult me or any other attorney, signed a contract for the exclusive print and movie rights to his story.  According to Lowrey, the contract prohibits him from talking to anyone about his past and present experiences. The producer even deceptively composed an e-mail for Lowrey to send to me in which he states that he can no longer appear on Mike Siegel’s Coast to Coast radio show and if I have any questions I should consult his attorney, Mark Commerford, who I later determine is actually the producer’s attorney and not Lowrey’s. Sadly, though Lowrey appeared with me on the radio show this past Monday night, he refused to talk about his experiences, which he had originally agreed to share before the producer’s gag order.

What makes the Lowrey debacle even more unpalatable is the fact that the perpetrators of this travesty are members of the UFO community.  In fact the producer is none other than Christopher Wyatt, founder, President and CEO of UFO, a company, which, as evidenced by Wyatt’s callous disregard for both the public’s right to know and the significance of Lowrey’s interaction with other life forms, is quite inappropriately named.  Why Wyatt, after signing Lowrey to an exclusive contract, would want to silence him on the eve of his national coming-out-party thereby avoiding a Coast to Coast listening audience of millions and the free promotion inherent in such exposure, is very strange and suspicious.

What’s also suspicious is that Wyatt had requested that he and I sit down for a conversation at the Bay Area Expo which he helped sponsor and where, at my workshop, Lowrey appeared publicly for the first time.  During the meeting Wyatt expressed an interest in my work and support for CAUS. Little did I realize at the time that Victoria Jack, the Expo’s promoter, and Wyatt were scheming to circumvent Lowrey’s relationship with me.  Both Wyatt and Jack knew of my agreement with Lowrey because, not only did Lowrey present his story at my workshop, but also Jack paid him one-half of my fee for his participation.  And it was Jack who, weeks later called Lowrey and told him she had a “present” for him.  The present was Christopher Wyatt.  This gift should have come with a warning: “Do Not Talk to Me Without an Attorney Present.”

Christopher Wyatt has used the tools of deception, misrepresentation, and coercion to silence an individual who is presently interacting with a non-human form of intelligence.  On Siegel’s show, Lowrey stated he was “coerced” by Wyatt into signing the contract.  Wyatt has now convinced Lowrey that he has no choice but to honor their contract and that Wyatt will sue him if he shows the contract to me.  I am not surprised that there are those within the UFO community who are more interested in money than in our right to know the truth.  But to compromise something we all have been waiting years for, the opportunity to record and verify evidence of ongoing contact, is unconscionable and requires exposing the true nature of the beast.

So it appears, unless some other resolution presents itself rather quickly, that only through the judicial process, with its provisions for depositions and other discovery procedures, will we learn the true facts as well as the motives and intentions of Christopher Wyatt and his gang of UFO Community pirates.  Is Chris Wyatt simply what he appears to be, a deceitful, greedy and self-centered bully or does he also have a secret agenda, one involving his admitted connections to military intelligence and NASA?  Time will eventually tell.  But in the meantime, everyone is now on notice: deal with Christopher Wyatt at your peril.  And for those of you already in his UFO Community brothel, I suggest you consider the possibility that the madam is screwing you.

Peter A. Gersten, Esq.
Executive Director
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy



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