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Monitoring of Abductees writes:

Thank you for filing the suit. That kind of suit is exactly what is needed. I hope you get lots of attention. It is blatantly improper for the FBI, military, and other federal agencies to ignore the plight of abductees, who have physical evidence to prove their claims. Kidnapping is a Federal offence and if any family told of being kidnapped by humans the FBI would surely investigate.

I share your concern about the abduction dangers. Human offspring should not be allowed to be enslaved, and human genes should not be donated to another race, unless the reasons are above board and the action is done voluntarily. Creation of hybrids could mean the beings are used as unwilling workers, or as a precursor to exploiting this planet's resources.

CAUS and other groups need to lead research on devices that might be kept in abductees' rooms to monitor, photograph, or repel intruders. For example, special 8mm film cameras that would take long-exposure frames through the night. It would need to be film and not an electronic device, and powered mechanically. By developing and placing thousands of these in abductees' sleeping quarters, alien intrusion might be proved photographically, and even repelled.

Another tactic CAUS should work on is pre-implantation of subconscious information in the minds of frequent abduction victims. These people should be programmed to remain conscious, to ask probing questions of their captors, and perhaps even to have the ability to resist.

Another tactic is to create a tracking device which an abductee could wear. This could be a bracelet or anklet. From a nearby house, a radio direction finding system would determine if the person had been moved.

I believe that coordinated action in the low-tech arenas mentioned above could have an effect.


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