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MEMBER COMMENTARY for September 24, 1999

Malcolm Kroeber ( writes:

Many years ago about the time of Barney Hill and his wife's UFO sighting, I observed an unknown phenomenon. While it was not of the same type of what the Hill's sighted, it was no doubt related to the same issue......a huge inverted bowl shaped mass of pure white light in woods alongside an isolated road approx. 2:00-3:00 A.M. while driving thru Georgia on my way back home in Conn.

The event made me a believer in the UFO phenomenon and over the years from reading of similar events by other individuals questioned what it represented. The issue has been like the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, many unrecognizable pieces that slowly fit into place creating a picture.

Some individuals have had a similar experience and what I am writing about is not related to the truths in varied accounts, but reasons for lack of credibility occurring regarding the issue.

Reliable accounts of sightings from many levels of society are cast aside as originating within the individuals mind. Arguments are made that if the issue is real, tangible material would be found to confirm the reality of its existence. Claims have been made by believers that such evidence has been found but hidden from the public.

Two precious elements of our Nation are Freedom and Security. One deals with private citizens and the other with guarding our Nation and citizens from invasion from enemies. The two issues are linked together though they each serve a different purpose in our Nation.

One dedicated Web researcher has suggested that lack of confirmation is related to overexposure of the issue. Repeated accounts of Astronauts sightings complete with photos taken of UFO's should be considered reliable (proof) of them. Text that is said to be their remarks heard over radio linkage between NASA and Shuttle flights seems to be undeniable further proof. From every location on Earth----boats at sea, planes at various altitudes, cars, trucks, rail travelers in every state, sightings have been reported. It seems the more reports that are made regarding the issue, the less belief is created-----Why?

I believe the answer rests in the similarity to the childrens story about "Peter and the Wolf." Repeated cries for attention to a dubious issue create lack of belief by those who are NOT witnesses. "Occams razor" rule also applies to nebulous issues when not supported by tangible evidence. These facts are FUEL for those wishing to debunk confirmation of the UFO issue.

These above stated facts are powerful enough by themselves to prevent support by officials, but the spark that ignites the flame to destroy all credibility of the issue comes from the very source that has given confirmation to the issue--recent denials of sightings from Astronauts who have been credited in many websites with observations and obtaining UFO photos!

I admire and respect the dedication and courage of those who will put their lives on the line for Science. Research on Earth is priceless and to do so in Space with no hope of assistance from comrades exemplifies heroic courage. No one should receive doubt who has already proved their courage for facing an unknown, only those who use them as proving the existence of unknowns.

Disinformation can take many forms and what exists thru out the UFO issue seems to be reducing the credibility of the issue. Often innocents are snared in the web of false information, due either to misunderstanding, emotional beliefs, lack of research or the most dangerous--commercialization of the issue.

There exists already to many reasons for uncertainty of UFO reality, without false reporting, and disinformation released to the public. Many individuals experience emotional suffering from self doubts regarding the issue, yet like a Virus released to destroy a war zone population, disinformation not intended or deliberately released can cause ravaging stress and cancellation of credible research for solving an age old mystery.

What CAUS is attempting to do is release those who struggle in bondage to the reality of the UFO issue. Others sincerely wish to solve the mystery and help the many who are emotionally confused by the issue. A meeting on common grounds at some designated area should be agreed upon by all those who can confirm (or deny) the reality of the phenomenon.

Reasons for not doing so have been given that the unusual facts about the issue would create an emotional disturbance in society. What do they think exists NOW?

Strength of any group depends on Unity of principles and Trust is vital to support belief in the goals sought for the common good. The longer doubt replaces Trust, the breech in our Nation will prevent finding peace within it. Troy was conquered within by a Wooden Horse, it could happen to our Nation from the Wooden Horse called--UFOs. Our Nation was based on the principle of....By the People and For the People. Unless ALL our Nations people unite with trust as the binding glue, we will stay separated constantly bickering between citizens, Nations, thereby creating Wars instead of Peace. Peace is a by product of Love and understanding, and those come from Trust. Perhaps that is what the phenomenon is trying to make the world understand?


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