The Reality of Reputation

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Gary was not silenced. He chose to sell his soul to the highest bidder and that to me tells me all I need to know about Gary and the value system that motivates him. It doesn't appear to me, not from Gary's actions, that he ever wanted to share his ongoing encounters with the world to get the truth out. No, from what I can see, he only wanted to use you to get the publicity he needed to get offers for money and fame. I mean, whatever happened to his claim you indirectly quoted from him, that he wanted to learn some answers as to what he and his family were experiencing? Is sensationalizing his supposedly real-life experience going to accomplish that for him now -- or is that no longer a priority? If the ET/paranormal phenomenon were physically real (as opposed to imaginary), then one would reasonably expect that the person asserting their alleged experience would not want to cheapen it by sensationalizing it or selling their soul to the highest bidder, instead we would reasonably expect that they would want to resist the media hounds and the hush money and let the world know that they take this seriously and that this is no joke. But it is too late, it is just another joke now.

If I really believed in the reality of the ET/paranormal phenomenon, I would suggest to all my (seriously believing) friends to boycott the movie if any of you believe in the reality of the ET phenomenon. I would tell them to show the world that we weren't joking, that this phenomenon is real, and that we weren't going to let any government representative, any lawyer, or any Hollywood producer silence us or make a mockery out of what was supposed to be a traumatic experience for Gary Lowrey, but has now turned into a happy and profitable experience.

As I have stated before in this group, incidents like this, even if they were true and factual, can only seem to further damage what I view as the UFO community's already poor reputation, but I am starting to wonder if the UFO community even gives a damn about reality or their reputation?



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