Under the Influence of An Alien Race

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It is my belief after years of research and experiences, sightings, data, etc., that we have been under the influence of at least one extraterrestrial race from day one. Modern history is a good starting reference point. It was in the 1940s that the military became involved in a situation that has escalated into a massive cover-up. When the 509th messed up in Roswell in 1947 with the recovering of a UFO and its occupants, and revealing it inadvertently to the press, they started something they could not even imagine the future implications of.

Back in 1947 America was just a few years out of WW 11 and into the atomic age. People then were ready to lead a good normal free American way of life. The shock of discovering an extraterrestrial craft and occupants would be devastating to their way of life. The government could not tell the people that they discovered an advanced race of beings from beyond this planet. They "thought" they could keep a lid on it and maybe this was an isolated case. But this was not the case. An alien agenda was coming into being and later it was discovered that some of these "beings" were doing things that even shocked those who "thought" they had the situation in hand. In reality, it was out of control. Over the years it escalated to the point that every person involved in this cover-up was in deep trouble, to the point of no return. How could those involved come forward and admit that they knowingly allowed an unknown alien agenda to start and continue without them being able to do "anything" about it. It is my contention that we have never been under a natural order of evolution. I believe that our history and very existence has been manipulated by "others" from the very beginning with evidence from many ancient scripts and the Bible itself. Since the end of world war two our technology has advanced in an unprecedented way. Never has this escalation happened in the course of our written history.

Many people have died to fight for the freedom of this country and the government chose to abandon them who did the most for the freedom of this country by choosing secrecy regarding alien contact. Those who choose to keep this secret from the American public are traitors to those who served and died fighting for freedom; the same freedom that let these individuals keep this historical event from becoming a reality to the American people. Everyone has the freedom to believe what they want to believe. And I respect that. I know it is much easier and safer to "keep quiet," to let things alone....go with the flow. But I personally would rather die knowing the truth than continue living a lie.

Maybe it's time for the sheep to attack the shepherd. keep your eyes to the sky.



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