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Reaction to R.J. Reynolds Advertisement

The following are a few of the reactions from members voicing their displeasure at the demeaning advertisement by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Please contact RJ Reynolds to register your complaint at:

Or call their consumer relations dept: 800-372-9300

Or write: CR Dept.; P.O. Box 7; Winston-Salem, NC 27102

1) L. A. Troughton ( writes to R.J. Reynolds:

Noting that you are advertising extensively that extraterrestrials are abducting the dumbest people on this earth, I cannot help but wonder about the research you used to arrive at this conclusion.

I assume it was performed by the same research personnel that came to the conclusion that nicotine is not addictive.

If my assumption is indeed correct, you owe an uncounted number of abductees your immediate apology for the ineptness of your research personnel and for the arrogance of both your advertising department management and your corporate executives

2) Janet Colli, Ph.D. & Thomas Beck, Ph.D. ( write to the Seattle Weekly:

Re: Winston's 2-page ad in the Seattle Weekly (9/23/99): ""If aliens are smart enough to travel through space, why do they keep abducting the dumbest people on earth?" Not only is Winston systematically undermining the physical health of the world's population, but though this campaign of ridicule, they now seek to savage our psychological health as well.

We two psychotherapists have--for the past 5 years--worked clinically with (and interviewed) people who have experienced Close Encounters. Far from being "the dumbest people on earth," our clients have included a medical doctor, nurse, dentist, psychologist, Navy pilot, molecular biologist, videographer, secretary, computer programmer, stockbroker, consumer electronics distributor, internet corporate executive, realtor, massage therapist, systems analyst, mental health counselor and social worker. These people come forward with great reluctance because of the considerable public ridicule they face. That ridicule and cultural denial--is a major part of what makes such contact traumatic.

So why are these people suddenly the targets of R.J. Reynolds? Apparently such people signal the significant cultural change in store for us that is threatening to the status quo Winston represents. After all, people who "awaken" from the cultural trance are less likely to be snowed by media campaigns, whether the ad promotes ridicule, intolerance... or addictions.

Please reconsider accepting Winston as as advertiser for this ad campaign.

3) Anastasia Wietrzychowska ( writes to R.J. Reynolds:

I was aghast to learn of a recent Winston cigarette ad which ran in at least two newspapers (Fort Worth, TX and Seattle, WA). This ad contained the quote: "If aliens are smart enough to travel through space, why do they keep abducting the dumbest people on earth?"

I am insulted and angry that such an abusive, defamatory ad has been allowed to be published. It not only shows the abject irresponsibility of the ad department, it shows their ignorance of the research being done on this very real phenomena. They might consider checking out the work of Dr. John Mack of Harvard University and his book Abduction, Dr. David Jacobs work, Secret Life, and others too numerous to mention.

I demand not only a public apology but an immediate withdrawal of this disgusting excuse for an ad immediately. And you might consider the fact that no experiencer I know is dumb enough to fall for your B.S. regarding Winston having no additives. A bit of research shows that they contain not only formaldehyde, but arsenic, cadmium, ammonia as well!

Shame on you!

4) Melanie Loynes Cook ( writes:

If R.J. Reynolds thinks that abductees are the dumbest people on earth, what about the people who continue to smoke cigarettes. Now, that's dumb!

5) Colleen Johnston ( writes:

I have been on the CAUS list awhile now and have never spoken up till now. I am very interested in joining the RJ Reynolds tobacco lawsuit. I am an abductee who is a former smoker. The hardest thing I ever did in my life was admit that I've been effected by the abduction phenomenon. This whole add campaign horrified me to no end and I believe it will shove people back into the dark ages as far as abduction research goes. It is a purposeful attempt to make intelligent people look ignorant. There is no purpose with the ad other than derogation. I have personally fought hard to keep my dignity through my years of ridicule. I do not drink or do drugs, and I resent having my character assassinated. Count me in on ANY law suit you wish to file and what may I do to assist you?

The second hardest thing I did was stop smoking addictive chemical packed cigarettes. I stopped three years ago, in leu of potential health risks. It is a hard battle indeed and I do suffer from ill effects today. I 'll never breathe normally again. On a side not Many Abductees do smoke...and I think an all out boycott of RJ Reynolds tobacco products is in order! They are no better than drug dealers in my opinion and someone needs to stand up to them!

I am very serious about this..please feel free to contact me!

6) Alan Sargent ( writes:

For crying out loud, lighten up! People are so annoyed with frivolous law suits, it will only make CAUS look frivolous. Any response to this, will do nothing but degrade what little credibility exists anyway. If you must respond, make a joke out of it.


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