Secret Level Reports


Ever wonder why all the FOIA material people obtain is so lame ? One of the guys at NASA took the time to explain how it works.

"Most of the materials and reports are created and kept by the grantee, and are not maintained by the office of the Navy, Air Force, Army, and so on. Therefore, they have no records which may be responsive to your request"

By creating a private (and well controlled via funding and grants) company to maintain all these secret level reports and records all the information is not covered under the FOIA requests, and cannot be obtained under the information act. Of course this information can be on a shared bases with the approved official authorities, but, because the military does not own it, it cannot provide it. A really nice trick to get rid of a paper trail. This is how NASA gets rid of their internal CIA program paper trails.  

It might also be that we are requesting the information from the wrong people in the first place, perhaps a special division of AT&T or GE would be a better option. I have done some research and found out that most of the covert corporations working with the military have no public stock offerings, and they produce no products, and have no owners, provide no reports, and perform zero advertising. What kind of way is this to run a business ? However, most of these are separate divisions of the normal aerospace people that you already know about.
You might also note that many of the larger military bases, especially those that have been stealing land and are located near to the phony Bio-Sphere lands also have developed what is known as "Secret Cities".  These are, in fact little self contained towns to house the experts in military products, usually around 3,000 people in number, families are included. In many areas they have purchased all of the local airports, redesigned all the roads to a secure controlled access format type, added video cameras on many of the light poles, and also have taken over the telephone, and power for the complete area in question to maintain tight security. They also have alot of Marines guarding stuff they don't want you to see, not just nukes as is typical.
It use to be many of the "Black" underground facilities were located under indian land owned by the federal gov't, now they are also above ground as well. Just though you guys would like to know what has been going on.



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