FOIA Requests are Futile

Source: Bill Lyne (

It is futile to make an FOIA request of, then file suit against any part of the government concerning any classified matter, because classified information cannot be disclosed under the FOIA or any other law, to those lacking the proper security clearance and authority from the government itself, on a "need to know" basis, and because, under the National Security Act, the government may do whatever it likes to keep classified information secret. Under the law, the government is immune from the law, can flaunt the courts, lie, deny, deceive, hoax, and anything else it deems useful to carry out its secrecy orders. It can publish UFO magazines, produce UFO movies and TV series, invent and lead UFO and pseudo-mystical or quasi-religious organizations, file FOIA suits against itself, provide fake witnesses with fake reports, and any other ingenious method to deceive.

Government information regarding UFOs is classified and will remain so as long as the petroleum and other large corporate, chemical, transportation, and technological interests, power elite and bankers exert their influence upon our government. The government justifies this because public access to this information would lead to the downfall of these corporate interests, and therefore represents a "...threat to the national security of the United States." After all, the National Security Council is run mostly by members of these corporations.

In addition, the requests were unreasonable, because, as far as I know, all so-called "triangular-shaped UFOs" are actually not triangular, but ships which use highly ingenious and technical lighting tricks and illusion to create the appearance of being triangular, because they want to deceive observers as to the actual shape of the craft, and because they know that those having a predisposition to mystical beliefs and beliefs in extraterrestrial visitors on earth---because the government itself planted those beliefs in their minds by constant false propaganda---will respond more unreasonably to what they erronously believe to be triangular-shaped craft, and can therefore be made to look more ridiculous in a court of law and in the media.

I also noticed that some of the so-called witnesses who filed affidavits in support of the suit, are in fact covert members of the CIA or government security services, who were therefore in perfect position to create the impression of being complete nincompoops and crazies, which is their job.

Whenever any intelligent and highly educated person files such a suit, I immediately suspect involvement of the CIA, since such a suit, improperly framed and pleaded---as I can see that it was from examination of some of the filings---damages and does a disservice to anyone actually seeking valid information concerning UFOs.

For example, instead of requesting a search for information concerning "triangular-shaped craft", the request should have been for information concerning "electrically propelled craft which, through the use of ingenious, illusion-creating technology, are made to appear to be triangular-shaped, whether they in fact are triangular-shaped or not."



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